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VNC stands for virtual networking computing. The original VNC source code is now open source. With VNC apps, there are two pieces. You have the VNC server typically a laptop, server, or desktop and the VNC client another laptop, desktop, or mobile device. The client generally connects to the server from port and allows the client to see the display of the VNC server. Screens is using industry-standard technology, but with an easy-to-use and beautiful user interface.

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Both apps received quick updates for the new iOS 7 design a couple years back. The iPhone and Mac apps share a lot of similar buttons and layout functions, so users of both apps can swap back and forth without having to re-learn workflows. The apps look for available machines on the local network, and also shows you the ones available with Screens Connect more on that later. Once you are logged into a machine, you are free to use it like you would just sitting in front of it.

How to remotely connect and control your Apple Mac - using VNC - VIDEO TUTORIAL

On the Mac side, using a remote machine feels extremely normal. With that being said, Screens offers the best experience in my opinion.

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  • There is also an optional trackpad mode that turns your display into a trackpad and will make the cursor follow your finger around as you track. Both options work well, and it just comes down to personal preference. Since Screens is built on open source technology, it is probably always going to lose the feature check list game when compared to custom-built services like LogMeIn or TeamViewer. Companies that are building their own technology have the ability to do whatever their product managers can come up with.

    Screens offers exactly what I want out of remote access without a monthly fee. It does lack a web access component, so if that is a feature that you need, then you should look at one of the other options below. Web access used to be important to me, but that was before I had multiple iOS devices in my bag. Screens has a free service called Screens Connect that takes care of that for you. You create an account, install the Screens Connect app on the Mac you want to remotely access, and log in with your user name and password. On the client side, you simply log in with your Screens Connect account, and you see your logged in computers.

    In my experience, Screens has been rock solid. Screens is really the best of both worlds. Regular updates help us feel more comfortable relying on this app day in and day out. We also recommend it for the times when VNC technology is blocked or a corporate firewall prevents Screens Connect from working. LogMeIn is easy to install and easy to use. In fact, I use it on a few machines at work in order to always have easy access to them from offsite. LogMeIn allows me to keep my firewall locked down, but still get to these machines.

    It works from the web, but they also recently added a Mac client that is installed when you sign up. It allows quick access to a machine. LogMeIn also offers free iOS apps. Thanks Rich, sure I use it on a daily basis hence my desire to improve the abysmal poor user interface.

    I run on The screen sharing app used to remeber a list of visited serves, but at some point with some action or update this disappeared.

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    I'm on This creates a file named vnc--mypc. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. OSX has a nifty program called Screen Sharing. All the other box needs is a VNC server, which Macs have built in since However, using this app directly is often a pain. If you, like me, are accustomed to using Terminal for most of your tasks, there is an easier and quicker way: use the "open" command, which is built in to OSX. Combine this with QuickSilver , and you can open a VNC connection to the server of your choice in as little as 5 key-strokes!

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    Really, don't put the password in the link. You realize that this will allow anyone with internet access to remotely access the machine in question, if they have it. Doesn't the Screen Sharing application have keychain support? If so, I would recommend using that instead. And to the other poster, it is extremely easy to view the contents of the file.

    3 Free Ways to Remotely Connect to Your Mac’s Desktop

    Just type cat file in the terminal. Actually, there's really no need to examine the file anyway, since it has the password in there, anyone who wants to use it just needs to open it if they are on a Mac. Capabilities Summary Device access and instant support together cover every remote access use case Device access Access computers you own or manage at any time, from anywhere Instant support Quickly access anyone's computer without installing remote access software. Provide a consolidated remote access strategy that evolves with your business Remote access tutorial New to remote access?

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