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It is, though not drastically so. It also has slightly softer-feeling feedback for each key press.

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I enjoy it. But it comes down to personal preference. Apple chose this keyboard design because it allows the company to make its laptops thinner and because the short travel allows the people who adjust to these keyboards and who like them to type very fast. Keys could get stuck and lock up—you might have had a situation in which a key endlessly repeated even though it wasn't being pressed or wouldn't register a press at all.

But the problem was widespread enough that Apple launched a repair program for those keyboards; users who encountered the problem could get it fixed for free, whether they had bought AppleCare or not.

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Because of the way the computer is built, Apple had to replace the entire keyboard and other hardware around it to fix that issue. Further Reading Apple launches service program to address MacBook keyboard woes When Apple first showed us this new MacBook Pro earlier this month, no claims were made about improvements to reliability for the keyboard. But thanks to a teardown at iFixit and an internal document reportedly distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers, we've learned that this keyboard does appear to address those reliability concerns.


There is now a membrane under the keycaps that may prevent debris from getting in under the keys. The problems with the keyboards in previous models have led to some lawsuits, and publicly discussing the changes could complicate those lawsuits. Another hint: Apple says the keyboard is not covered in the repair program. So if this iteration is less likely to need repairs, all the better.

The Best Mac for Gaming in What Mac should you buy (or avoid)?

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To make things really simple, we've broken down how Fortnite: Battle Royale will run on your Mac system, dependent on what Integrated or Dedicated GPU it has installed. If we've put "Not recommended", this means the game won't run well at all.

Intel HD Graphics 615 vs Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650

Sorry to say that your options will be very limited here! Here's what systems we're running the game with, so you can get a better idea of what parts you may or may not need to upgrade. This build runs the game like an absolute dream. We can ramp the settings up to Ultra with no FPS hitches whatsoever. Despite this machine being pretty budget oriented, we're still able to run the game at Very High or Ultra with no performance issues.

Are Macs Good For Gaming?

Video by RandomGaminginHD. There are a number of settings that need tweaking if you want to squeeze as many frames as possible out of your system. Make sure you check out our Settings guide for the complete lowdown on what to adjust. About John Bedford John is Metabomb's Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site.

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Posting bc I got my hopes up about this game for nothing F Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite: Best places to land These landing spots are guaranteed to get you ahead of the game. Joined: Oct 11, Posts: 14, Ryiah , Aug 9, SirTwistedStorm and galush like this.


They are intended for external displays and vr and such. Joined: Aug 31, Posts: 4, AndersMalmgren , Aug 10, If you want todo a FPS for mobile you need baked lighting, you will want a workstation for this. Interstingly, this here indicates baked lightmaps But later in same trailer they blow up said place. Ryiah , Aug 10, Joined: Jul 11, Posts: The only real reasons to use a Mac for game development are: A You are developing for iPad or iPhone B You have a strong preference for Final Cut Pro, even, though equally as good options exist on a PC While number two falls into the subjective category about as much as any other subjective reason to go for a Mac, I think option A is really the only solid reason to ever buy a Mac over a PC.

Objectively, Macs are notably less power than an equally powered PC.