Resize bootcamp partition mac os x lion

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Actual success with this process looked based upon what I read, and WinClone is no longer supported and does not work with OS X Lion. A modified version of WinClone to work with Lion was available, but it did not look stable enough based upon comments by users. My Next search looked for actual programs that could resize a Boot Camp partition and was led to an application called CampTune by Paragon Software. You also have to recognize that even this software may not work and you could end up reinstalling both OS X Lion and Windows 7 in new partitions if something goes wrong.

I resized my Windows partition to 50GB, it went through the process in about 20 minutes. I rebooted into OS X to be sure that partition was still working correctly. I then rebooted into Windows without issue. Interesting how each OS gives me slightly different sizes.

Boot Camp partitions not working after installing OS X Lion

Removing a Boot Camp partition that is part of a Fusion Drive and resizing the remaining partition should be performed with the Boot Camp Assistant and not Disk Utility. Originally, the idea was to store three libraries, each on their own partition: a home videos library, the iTunes library, and a photo library. After a while, it become apparent that the home videos library needed more room, due to all the movies you enjoy making, and the iTunes library was much larger than needed, while the photo library partition was about the right size, though still having plenty of free space.

To make room for a bigger Home Videos partition, use the Finder to copy the data in the iTunes partition to the Photos partition. You can now remove the iTunes partition to allow you to enlarge the Home Videos partition to meet your expected needs. Once the Home Videos partition has been enlarged, you can reclaim some of the space for the smaller iTunes partition you also need.

This somewhat complex example turns out to be a good model for the type of resizing commonly performed.

It also includes many of the resizing rules, and requires moving data around, deleting partitions, expanding partitions, and recreating a previous partition that is smaller than it used to be. Select the disk not the individual volumes in order for the Partition button to become available. In the Disk Utility sidebar, select the disk associated with the three partitions.

Select the iTunes partition by clicking once within it.

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The partition should be highlighted, and the Partition information panel will contain data about the selected partition. To make room for a larger Home Videos partition, the iTunes partition will need to be deleted. With the partition selected, click the minus button - to delete the partition. Note : The rules require the partition behind the one you wish to enlarge to be deleted to allow for the enlargement of the partition. The partition map will display the anticipated results; in this case, the iTunes partition is removed, and its space is assigned to the Home Videos partition.

Resize Partitions in Mac OS X with Disk Utility

With the iTunes partition removed, the Home Videos partition increases to take over the freed up space. Or, you could resize the now larger Home Videos partition to make it a bit smaller, and create an additional but smaller partition for the iTunes Library. Select the Home Videos partition, and then change the value in the Size field to a new smaller value. For many individuals, this will be a short list, limited to the drive that came with the Mac.

How It Started – Macbook Resizing OS X Partition

Whether you have one hard drive or several, select a drive to partition. Use your mouse to click and drag the nub between the sections, to expand or shrink each partition, but don't click any of the buttons yet.

Apple Lion OS X and Window Resize on MacBook Pro

As you drag the nub, you'll notice that you can only shrink the Mac OS X partition by the amount of free space that is available on the selected drive. You'll also notice that you can't make the Windows partition smaller than 5 GB, although as we mentioned earlier, we don't recommend making it smaller than 20 GB. You may also notice that there are two predefined sizes to choose from, via the two buttons located just below the display of the partitions. You can click the 'Divide Equally' button, which, as you might have guessed, will split your drive in half, using half of the available space for Mac OS X and half of the available space for Windows.

This, of course, assumes that there's enough available free space on the drive to split things equitably.

resize boot camp partition mountain lion free

Alternatively, you can click the '32 GB' button, which is a good general-purpose choice for a Windows partition, again assuming you have enough free hard drive space to create a partition this size. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.