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I tried this with DVD player. It works. Unfortunately, the sound delay is several seconds so the audio is no longer in sync with the video.

Does Airport Express = Surround sound for Powerbook

Impossible to watch. I suppose that overcoming the sound delay problem would be tough. It would have to be a variable setting depending on network conditions. Oh, well Greg Shenaut.

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  • In VLC you can adjust the delay in ms for audio streams in preferences. Just use negative values to delay the video or advance the audio.

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    I think you have to stop not pause and play the movie before changes take effect. I have the same problem.

    The nicecast option does work, but it is a lot of work. I listen to BBC today programme almost every morning, and coming from a standalone player, the sound cannot be 'jacked. Technically it should be feasible to write and app that will make dvd sound over Ax possible. I wonder why apple has not thought of this. Rogue Amoeba has a new program now to do all that. Pengu Digital Music Pimp. In fact, as far as I understand AirTunes, you can stream only form iTunes, not system sounds or any other app. The Apple web site implies this rather strongly--never mentioning anything but iTunes--but like I said, I can't confirm that.

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    Whether your stereo or powered speakers are located in your living room, bedroom, or basement, just plug the stereo or speakers into the audio port on the base station using an audio cable included in the AirPort Express Stereo Connection Kit, sold separately , and iTunes automatically detects the connection. At the risk of sounding overly speculative I'd think that by using optical audio in the Airport Express hardware, that there may someday be capability for streaming 5.

    Perhaps an iTMS for classical music will have tracks encoded in a secure codec which can output discrete 5. We are limited now IMHO by bandwidth issues and insufficient demand. Right now, those wonderful companies, Windows and Real, each have ready-for-prime time 5.

    Streaming all sound via airport express

    But for now, as Pengu states, the conversion to 5. Apple just don't have an encoder or decoder? I might try it with a song, see what happens when it plays in itunes, etc.. JohnDProctor Registered.

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