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October 31, in Uncategorized - 1 Comment. Citrix Synergy Berlin was totally sold out and expectations was high. I personally had a great event, with good sessions and great networking opportunities with both Danish Citrix customers, Citrix employes and other cool people form around the world.

I was quite impressed that Citrx actually had enough of new announcement, to make it worth of my time, even though I attended Citrix Synergy in San Francisco in May. There are already a lot of good information available on that topic, like on BrianMadden. From this site you can watch the keynote, a few breakout sessions, Citrix TechEdge videos and demoes.

How do I access/save files using Citrix? - UNC Charlotte FAQ - UNC Charlotte

Gus Pinto also shows how to use the Citrix Receiver on iPad with external keyboard and external screen. This is easy, looks great and you can use the iPad as a touchpad. I really love this, but I would love it even more, if I could attach my bluetooth mouse directly to the iPad and use it inside the Citrix session. September 15, in Uncategorized - 35 Comments.

Installing Mac Citrix Client Software

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of delivering the first XenApp 6 class in Denmark. Even though we experienced some technical issues in the labs, due to the extremely high hardware requirements for the lab computers A problem that was solved late in the evening on day two , it was a great experience. I promised one of the student to post links to some of the information, that I mentioned as part of the class.

Some of this content I used as part of my preparation for the class and some was actually shown as part of the class. A great comparison of different Citrix client features for different Operating Systems. I normally use this short presentation as part of my classes, either by playing the video, or by doing it myself at the whiteboard. I actually meet Michael in San Francisco, at Synergy, but forgot thank him for the great presentation. If you know of something that would be good reference material, feel free to post additional links in the comments area below.

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This new App makes it possible for SMS Passcode users to logon securely with two-factor authentication to their Citrix environment. The fact is that I have a lot of customers running SMS Passcode, this have been a show-stopper for me, to really start using the iPad to access customer installations, when on the road.

I have included the guide in this blog post for you to use then setting it up I personally had to go back to the guide several times during setup, which was a bit annoying because I had to exit the configuration to look at the guide. I still hope to see it in a later version. Once authenticated, a window will state you will receive the passcode shortly. Note Standard and Enterprise are the supported Gateway editions.


Select yes, if you want the application to remember User name and Password. A quick look at the new Citrix Receiver for Mac version Citrix Receiver is now available from the new Apple App Store for Mac: After adding the app and agreeing to a couple of new Apple license agreements for the new App Store because it was the first App I downloaded , the Citrix Receiver is downloaded: After download you can launch the Citrix Receiver from the Launchbar.

Secure, remote access through both Access Gateway and Secure Gateway. Integration with Access Gateway and Secure Gateway provides users with secure access to all of the enterprise applications, virtual desktops, and data they need to be productive.

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Direct access to applications and desktops when connected on an internal network. Users can access applications and desktops directly when connected on an internal network. Automatic configuration of multiple devices using a Store URL. Support for multiple stores. Citrix Receiver for Mac provides support for users to access applications and virtual desktops provided by multiple stores.

Using a simple drop-down list, users can switch between stores to subscribe to all the applications and desktops they need to complete their everyday tasks. Application and desktop launch directly from Receiver and the Dock. Users can launch applications and desktops either from Receiver or directly from the Dock, just like local applications.

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User-configurable appearance, device, and keyboard settings. User-configurable preference settings allow users to configure whether virtual desktops are displayed in full-screen or windowed mode. Remote applications are automatically displayed in fully resizable windows. It only takes a minute to sign up. When I log into a remote application via Citrix XenApp from Box A Windows XP and Box B Windows 7 I can see all local physical disks and locally mapped network drives, in addition to the drives mapped within the remote application itself.

However, when I log into that same application from Box C a virtual Windows 7 environment I can't see any local drives at all, whether "physical" or mapped. XenApp is set up correctly but Box C is obviously hiding these drives from the remote application. How is that being done and is there anyway I can confirm it what restrictions are in place using just regedit. I don't have access to admin tools. Have you opened the connection center on the virtual 7 box to check the file access restrictions? For each server you connect to via Citrix, there's a drop-down box that gives permission to the server to access local drives.

I believe it's located on the right hand side. I finally discovered this was due to a system policy implemented at the administrator level. I would have needed admin tools to discover this for myself. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 6 years, 5 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 3k times.