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Microsofts Remotedesktop ist in der Anwendung etwas kompliziert und setzt einige Vorkenntnisse voraus. Zudem gestaltet sich die Verbindungsherstellung durch Drittanbieter oftmals problemloser, als es bei den Microsoft-Diensten der Fall ist, da keinerlei Anpassungen von Firewall oder Router notwendig sind.

Damit lassen sich Remotedesktop-Verbindungen in weniger als einer Minute einrichten. Es existieren noch viele weite kostenlose Alternativen zu TeamViewer , die Sie sich auf jeden Fall anschauen sollten. Aber auch andere Hersteller, z. Performance-Upgrade ! Nach dem Start wurde die Konfigurationsdatei erstellt. Diese muss nun angepasst werden.

Nichts leichter als das. Wir stellen Ihnen verschiedene Alternativen zu TeamViewer vor. Eines der ersten Protokolle, das speziell zu diesem Zweck Ist das wirklich so leicht? Was bedeutet Remotedesktop? Hier legen Sie fest, ob Sie Helfer oder Hilfesuchender sind. If it finds your server, you'll get prompted to enter your network credentials - by default, your Windows username and password:.

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Once you're in, you'll get to choose which shared folder you want to mount on your Mac. In this case, we're going to choose the "PC - My Docs" share:. And you're done!

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If you've allowed reading and writing to the shared folder in Windows, you can drag and drop and save files to it as if it were any disk. This technique comes in very handy for backing up your Mac's data to a PC, too - just set your Mac's backup software destination to the Windows drive.

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  • Also, using Hamachi , you can also do this over the internet when you're away from home. In System Preferences, Accounts, choose the "Login Items" tab and add the Volume to the list of apps that automatically start up. Thanks, Snorbalp!

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    The A. I cannot see any alternative but to ditch the latest OS "upgrade" from Apple and go back to a version of the Server Software that actually had all the familiar protocols in place, like "File Serving" and "FTP". Still valid protocols and for me, could go on working forever. There is an old saying: If it aint broke, don't fix it. Apple just can't resist the temptation to fiddle with things that are not broken and in the name of progress, break them. Dec 28, PM. The alternative is to not "ditch the latest OS upgrade from Apple" and apply some of the solutions above. I have successfully got Kyocera and Epson network printers working fine on High Sierra, both through FTP with the third party application and natively with SMB, so there are working solutions if you care to take the time to find them.

    My solution to SMB was more or less here, but I still had to tweak it a bit. I guess it depends on your printer and network setup…. Dec 29, AM. Thanks for getting back to me. I did try to convert to SMB but no matter what combination of entries I made on my printer, I could not get anything to work. I suspect that the SMB protocol itself on my printer, which has not had any firmware upgrades for 10 years is now out of date and cannot handle modern SMB tasks. I downloaded an FTP software package and installed it on my server and after 20 minutes got it working.

    Now I can get on with doing work rather than wasting time trying to come to terms with the latest thing Apple has decided to make redundant.

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    I just wish they would talk to some long term users and ask about these major decisions before taking a boardroom executive decision about ageing features. Sure, security is perhaps the reason behind this but I would prefer to be given a chance to balance the relative merits of a theoretical security breach and the frustration of having to ditch a perfectly good machine in order to keep up with someone else's idea of "ideal".

    It's nice to have a chat but better not to need one in the first place.

    How To Use FTP Server On Mac OS X

    This is the FTP software that I am using. It works flawlessly for me, once I got the settings right. The set-up for me was :. Others can be Write only DropBox if required. Make sure the FTP server is running. I have the same problem. And the scanner breaks larger scanned PDF documents up in 3 pages files and sends multiple emails painful.

    Jan 4, AM. You guys rule. I tried with no luck for 2 days to setup scan over SMB. So i can access the scan files from anywhere. Jan 18, AM. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Tim Quinlan Tim Quinlan.

    Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Has anyone else encountered this?