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StuffIt is still a powerful and effective tool for archiving files into almost every archive format out there. Completely redesigned for better performance and expanded functionality, StuffIt Standard solves all your basic compression needs! More room on your drive!

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Free tons of space on your hard disk and your flash drive! Dreaming of an ad-free web?

Browse with Brave. Learn more. Although there are now several other options out there, StuffIt View full description.

In my tests, version 11 took 81 seconds to compress MB of mixed media files—29 seconds faster than version Version 11 was about 26 percent faster than version 10 when we tested the app on a Mac Pro. But speed boosts for the new version are not as impressive on non-Intel Macs: when we tested both versions on a 2.

StuffIt Updates

Whether you need StuffIt Deluxe If you do a lot of archiving—for sharing photos, MP3s, or movie clips—this version is a worthwhile upgrade that will save time and space while keeping you organized. Conversely, if all you need is a utility that extracts files from these archives, you can download StuffIt Expander 11 for free.

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Disk images are a wonderful way of packing entire folders or disks into a single file, either for transport across the Internet or simply for archival. Unlike other formats, disk images preserve both long filenames and Mac and Unix metadata. It is useful to you if you download or upload binary files from internet newsgroups a.

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Often, binary content comes in the form of sets of many files that together form a "rar" archive.