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TNTatlas puts you into the publishing and distribution business. Your geospatial data can be collected, organized, and distributed to any target audience. Your HyperIndex stack can also include database information attached to graphical elements or image cells on the display, so the user can select any line element or cell and immediately view the attached database record. For example, your stack may display an airphoto with color-coded public road overlays.

The TNTatlas user could select a segment of a red highway and view database information that includes surface material, wear condition, traffic statistics, and scheduled repairs.

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The objects and views in your electronic atlas can be as complex as you like. Your stack of spatial information can be established to display multiple objects:.

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  7. The initial view in your stack of spatial information may include any kind of icons, symbolic menus, and control panels that suit your material. You can present each information layer to the user with any kind of instructions, boxes, buttons, questions, images, or any mixture of interface components that you choose. You may build a stack that uses the standard TNTgis object selection window so the user can select from spatially overlapping objects.

    The TNTatlas navigator window lets the user click arrow buttons to move to related materials that continue "off the edge" of the current view. A tool menu lets the user make simple on-screen measurements with calipers, protractor, or planimeter. You can even implement touch-screen HyperIndex stacks for use on public access terminals. An electronic atlas gives you direct access to all types of spatially related material without making you look up all the information manually.

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    Of course an electronic atlas is not limited to map materials. You can use combinations of engineering drawings CAD , maps, photos, medical slides, satellite images, catalog pictures, museum images No other product gives you that kind of publishing potential.

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    You do not have to purchase multiple copies of TNTatlas to get versions for various platforms-your published CD has versions for every type of computer with your single stack ready to run on whatever computer your client has available. So the same stack of spatial information that TNTatlas displays in the Windows version will display on the Macintosh. You assemble and publish your spatial information only once.

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    Identical and easy to use on every platform. TNTatlas has been made simple and intuitive to use on every computer, so most of your clients, customers, and associates should require no instructions on how to run it. From that point, the linkages, interface elements, and on-screen instructions that you have provided will lead the user through the stack. You can make the on-screen instructions and control interface as detailed or as sparse as you like, according to the needs of your target audience.

    No complex operations manual required. The free TNTatlas software has a discoverable interface that is easily grasped by most users who have some computer experience. You can design your atlas with a number of introductory welcome screens to provide further information and instructions. You may also add a separate booklet of instructions and additional material describing the purpose, contents, and use of your atlas publication.

    The built-in help files for TNTatlas can be customized and expanded. TNTatlas is a free viewing and navigation product for large collections of geospatial data.

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    TNTatlas gives you the opportunity to publish spatial information for wide-scale, multi-platform distribution. You can put together complex stacks of relational imagery, maps, drawings, and databases for use everywhere from the kiosks in the front lobby to the president's suite.

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    Whether you use TNTatlas to support a number of network users with frequently updated project materials, or to publish a single stack that can find its way to computers anywhere in the world, you will be taking advantage of the new ways TNTatlas provides for viewing and managing spatially related materials. TNTatlas is the electronic publication tool you need for today's geospatial information. After installing, use the TNTatlas. No, ArcReader cannot create or modify the published maps.

    GIS For Mac OS X Finally.

    ArcReader can only read data through a PMF. The PMF does not include the data. Rather, the PMF references the data whether it is on a local drive, a shared network drive, or an Internet service. The PMF preserves a live connection to the data, so the user's data view is dynamic. ArcReader is exclusively a map viewer for working with previously authored PMFs.

    ArcReader cannot add data to a PMF. With ArcReader, you can. View, Navigate, and Print. Zoom, Pan, and Switch. Communicate More Efficiently. Print Published Map and Globe Documents. Including all layer symbology and cartographic map elements on any supported printer. Create Custom ArcReader Applications.