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It is encased in a plastic chassis and the rear of the device comprises a smooth, plastic surface, except for a strip of removable, dimpled plastic material, similar to the Nexus 7 's rear, that hides FCC brandings. There is, also, no mention of Google , the device's distributor and the maker of the Nexus 10's operating system , Android , on its hardware. On the right side of the device, there is only a microHDMI port and at the bottom, there is a magnetic pogo pin used for docking and charging. The Nexus 10 has a Commentators noted the lack of an SD card slot for expandable storage, absence of cellular connectivity , low color contrast and saturation , and limited selection of tablet-optimized Android apps, while praising the Nexus 10's high display resolution, powerful, high-performance processor and contemporary user interface.

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How to Root Nexus 7!

Nexus 10 Nexus November 13, February 5, Retrieved Retrieved 7 December Retrieved 1 December ABC News. Retrieved 28 October Retrieved 29 October Retrieved 5 February PC Advisor. Android Central. Retrieved 24 December Tech Radar. Not the same". Retrieved 25 October The Verge. Retrieved 23 December I have a first-generation iPad and never pick it up.

The Gadget Show. Pro Reviews. Google Nexus. Nexus 7 1st generation 2nd generation Nexus 10 Nexus 9. Nexus Q Nexus Player. Google Pixel Google Play edition. Android operating system. Cardboard Daydream. Android One other smartphones. Index of articles Androidland Chromecast Google Java vs. Android phablets and tablet computers. Android smartphones Other Android devices List of features in Android. Hit the Power button. Step 8. Step 9. Reboot your Nexus 7 and you should see the welcome page again, go ahead and sign in.

Step Connect microUSB cable from your Nexus 7 to your computer. Once rebooted, you will find SuperSU superuser app. Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Nexus 7! Download and install a rooted app like Titanium Backup app from the Play Store and run it, you should find the Superuser request window pop up! If you like this tutorial, please subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to get weekly updates on more cool ROMs, hacks, tips, and also personal help from the author Max Lee via e-mail.

Need Help? Best way to contact me is on Twitter! First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Want to stay updated on latest Nexus 7 Root news? Tags: how to , linux , mac , root nexus 7 , windows Categories: Nexus 7 Root. How to Root New Nexus 7! Android 4. It looks much easier using his tool. Its on xda at the top. I cant even finish step 6. Hey Max! This is really great! You were doing a great job! Nexus 7: I followed your video and got mine rooted.

I downloaded CM10 and that seemed to install via Rom Manager. But, I do not see anything that is different from stock in the way of features or Apps. Also how can I transfer a file using usb computer connection step After the tablet is connected to the usb cable, nothing was shown up.

How To Install KDE Plasma Mobile Linux On Nexus 5 And 5X

This will allow you to copy files to and from your Nexus 7. I have successfully rooted my Nexus 7 on Ubuntu Thanks for the tutorial! After using your steps will I also have CWM recovery permanently? I think modern full-featured distros might include support out of the box already, but just a heads up for those having problems. Aaron, im having the same problem with adding recovery to the terminal. What did you do to get passed this?

Any help would be appreciated!!!! I cant move on until i figure this out. Thanks bud!!! How did you fix? I get the android logo with open stomach and red warning sign too. The video was for Nexus 10, but I am assuming they are the same process? Installinf from windows- Flashed recovery-clockwork-touch and get the dead android with red triangle when entering recovery. Pleas point me in the right direction. If i root my nexus 7, can i still do updates, like if android 4. You can re-flash stock recovery to get updates yes.

You can re-root or use Root Keeper to get root. Hi, great stuff thanks! Many Thanks, Gary. You can use the factory reset feature in the stock recovery or CWM recovery instead. But the stock version will erase everything on your storage so make a backup before doing that. Request: can you do a tutorial on how to choose and install a custom kernel for the N7 along with your recommendations? Maybe even a video review of the popular custom kernels? What am I missing? Max, I think you should update the CWM in this guide to 6. Hey Max im having a problem copying the supersu zip to my root.

Try using AirDroid app from Play Store for temporary fix. Seems like driver problem on your computer. There used to appear a timer but nothing happens.

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Is the file gone? Hey max, do you think you could put up a video of how to unroot? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the Rooting guide. How is it done? You said this would give permanent recovery. Any idea on how I can fix it. Thank You. Thanks for the easy root instructions. It has to do with apps. Now some are saying they are incompatible with my version. I read it has something to do with the dpi being changed.

Do you know of a fix to correct this? Get as far as step 6 with version 4.

So cant go any further… pity…. I had the same problem too. I Followed your steps exactly and when it comes to step where you say to reboot to get to Welcome screen, it gets stuck on the X splash screen. Please help me.

Using A Nexus 10 As A Photo Store Hub For Travel

I now tried to reLock the bootloader Reboot then i was going to do this whole process over again but no matter what I do I cannot get pass the Nexus X splash screen. Can some1 please help me. I figured it out. This wasnt working for some reason. So I went to Nexus tool kit to flash the stock image and instead of getting stuck at the X it booted to the Welcome screen. Max is one of the few that I actually have gotten a response from. Thanks for all of your time that you give to the rooting community Max!

HI i cant get to the ClockworkMod a green android laying down with a red triangle and a! I followed all directions I have a nexus 7 with android 4. Hey I am running android jellybean 4. The PTP mode also not working… what should I do? I copied and pasted the zip file into my Nexus internal memory. Why does it not show up when i get to step 17? Uuuummmmm… Maxx i tried to download Nexus7Root. Thank you in advance! Testimonial: Max, this guide is awesome. I had searched the internet for about 4 days looking for noob proof instructions that actually work!

None of them worked without issues. It was a total pain. The video is perfect! The root went flawlessly! You are now my one-stop shop for all things root. I have a GS3 L and rooted using your instructions and that was also perfect! You go from Windows to mac and then Linux. Hi, Does this tutorial works on a nexus 7 with Jelly Bean 4. Thanks for the how to, excelent page. Does this method work on jellybean 4. I wanna root my Nexus 7 but dont wanna brick it. So im not new to the whole rooting thing but just wanted to know if this is the video to follow to root my 4.

I noticed it listed JB 4. Will this method work for 4. It is appaer at the step 13 that cannot determine the image file name for recovery……!? What is the problem? Hey, I am getting an invalid partition error when I try to install your recovery-clockwork-touch I have tried both image files and keep getting the same message. Is this because I am running the 4.


Please HELP!! Great tutorial — only thing I would change is this: Step 6 instructions are in the wrong order. I have installed the drivers am i missing something? So how can I move from that? On my nexus it reads now…. Thanks for the step-by-step video bud but I too was stuck at 6. But I got the Nexus Root Toolkit v1. Never got stuck once. Hope this may help others. Thanks once again Admin! Anyone know how to fix this? Also I tried installing both recovery-clockwork-touch I have the same problem, can you please write the adress to the site you downloaded it from!

Hi, I did everything, step by step an it was complete. So due to a miscommunication over the phone my buddy followed these instructions for rooting his NEW nexus 7 rather than following the instructions on the other tutorial. Now his bootloader is unlocked, but he has no access to recovery and neither a windows nor linux machine can detect the device with adb drivers. So, when I enter the recovery mode and about to install the zip file, I realized that my nexus 7 4.

Then, I rebooted the nexus and tried to enter the recovery mode again, the android exclamation appeared. Please verify that your ROM is rooted, and try again. For anyone having trouble with rooting 4. After that it works. I have done all steps up to step 15…when I hit the power button to get to recovery mode I get a android icon with a red exclamation triangle over the top.

Did I do something wrong? I followed your instructions to the end, then noticde that I needed a different SuperSU for 4. So I went back to step 11 and copied the correct file to N7, then repeated the steps. This is a problem! Thanks in advance. Hey Max when I follow instruction to step It says. There is a problem! Did I do something wrong or is there some file missing?

Please help. Hey man, the second time i try to get into the boot loader it just keeps resetting the tablet and going back to the unlock screen, what do I do? My new Nexus7 notified me that there was an update from 4. I took a chance and updated and I lost root and custom recovery. To fix this. Simply download SuperSU v1. Open it and delete or remove the older recovery file.

And cut and past the new one you downloaded in its place. Copy and past the newer SuperSU v1. It will say your bootloader is already unlocked, dont sweat it, just move on in the steps. I hope this helps anyone. Thanks Max for your great work you do. I am using nexus 7 wifi version If someone is having troubles with accesing the recovery, just download the latest recovery version for the Nexus 7 it worked for me, I am in 4. Could not get past that screen Wound up wiping all partitions and re-imaging to Android 4.

There must be a way to fix this, I cannot afford to buy another tablet, please please help, extremely desperate! If you just upgraded to Android 4. Pingback: Anonymous. Im stuk after step It Will not start up in CWM. Keeps getting android warning triangle.

All other steps completed as in tot. And it runs android 5. Plz help. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. How to Root Nexus 7! Posted on June 14, by admin. Tags: how to , linux , mac , root nexus 7 , windows. Categories: Nexus 7 Root. Check out other custom ROMs! July 21, at am. Hey max can u also do a version using wugfresh nexus one click root toolkit.

Download: Nexus 7 “nakasi” Android JDQ39 Update – Droid Life

Its on xda at the top Thanks bro ur the best. Jim says:. July 22, at pm. March 17, at pm. Mike Miralles says:. BT says:. July 26, at am. July 28, at pm. July 28, at am. Rogers says:. September 15, at am. Lucky says:. July 29, at am. Sol says:. July 30, at am. Tony says:. July 30, at pm.

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Hey Max, the zip file link seems to be down. Tried downloading it from three different browsers. August 3, at am. Yohan says:. Michael says:. August 5, at pm. August 6, at pm. Aviv says:. August 7, at am. August 7, at pm. Philip S. August 8, at am. August 18, at pm. August 19, at am. I need to pay more attention lol. August 8, at pm. Nathan Bartell says:.

January 5, at am. Shalmazar How did you fix? August 27, at am. Hey Max, After rooting my swiping left-right menus seem to be laggy. What do you suggest to fix this? Thx, xman.