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I am an aspiring developer for Filemaker. The company I work with is stuck in the past working off of Filemaker Pro 4.

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 review: Plenty of great reasons to upgrade to this latest version

So far my conversion prototypes are successful but we recently had a layout issue that can only be fixed in versions as the file is an. In order for me to repair the layouts without tampering our active database, I decided the best option is to repair a copy of our solutions off the network. Unfortunately, when I go to download the trial version of Filemaker Pro 6 off of the respected website, the file is corrupt! I've tried multiple times, with different extraction apps and in different directories.

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My question is; Does anyone know a place where I could obtain version 6 or better yet, 4. I've looked everywhere! Thank you for your time, Tumma K. FM3 upgrade to FM Pro 5. I'm hoping my question can have a happy ending. In the mid's, I purchased Filemaker 3. When Filemaker 5. I've used it all these years, most recently with Windows XP Pro, and it has worked just fine. The databases I began with were long ago converted to FM Pro 5.

I'm still using FM Pro 5. I am retired and rarely use Filemaker, but I have a few Filemaker databases I'd like to add to my Win 8 machine. I don't feel it's worth upgrading FM for the sake of using a couple of databases. Is there perhaps any other software that can read FM 5. Thanks in advance for your help.

Moving data from fp5 to fp I am using a custom filemaker solution for medical office billing written with fp5 running on a mac with snow leopard. In addition, I have a patient management db which I wrote that is linked through pt. ID number to the billing program allowing transfer of some demographic information name, DOB, etc.

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Other than being limited by hardware restrictions, the billing program serves our needs for now and upgrading to fp12 will take some time and money. In the meantime, I am upgrading my pt. Ideally, demographic information would be entered once into fp5 and then a scipt would make the data available for fp Any ideas on how to make this work? Filemaker 5. Hi, can anyone tell me why my on-line database might have stopped allowing me to delete records? All of my access privileges and passwords are correct.

My other favorite improvement in FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 is the way inspectors and tool palettes are docked on the sides of the window. It makes working in layout mode much easier. There are a few highlights in FileMaker Server 17, too. The Server Admin Console has a welcomed makeover. This allows other systems like, for example, web pages, to read data from and write to a FileMaker back-end database. Time will tell whether this is a game-changer or a niche-use capability; it will certainly matter to people who have a FileMaker native app whose data needs to be shared on an occasional basis with a website.

Either way this is a forward-looking change. There is also a new Admin API, which will be useful to anybody running one or more servers. If you work offline and need to update during off hours, you'll be especially grateful for the very powerful new Data Migration tool.

Moving gigabytes of data from the old copy of a database into a clone of the latest version could take many hours in the past; now the same job can be done in minutes or even seconds. Support for paired keyboards has improved and there is now data-entry autocomplete in mobile databases.

Perhaps most interesting is the introduction of local notifications for iOS. But the notifications end up coming from Reminders, not FileMaker Go. In addition to improvements in the ready-made sample and starter apps, FileMaker helps beginners with more technical problems. FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 now creates a handful of default fields in every new table, such as a field named PrimaryKey with a UUID unique value auto entered and fields to track record creation and modification info. If the novice developer is working in an app that tracks people and wants to add addresses in a related table instead of having to define a Contacts table and define fields in it and then create the relationship between People and Contacts, FileMaker 17 will basically do it for you and place an Addresses portal on a layout, at no extra charge!

As it is, for many advanced developers, this change is going to be an annoyance rather than a help.

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As for the add-on tables, in my experiments with them, they were unpredictable and I fear they may confuse novice users more than they help. For example, I opened the Meetings file, created a new tab in a tab-control object and then added a portal. What FileMaker did, however, was rather more sophisticated than I expected.

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While it may look as if FileMaker has offered beginners water wings, in fact, it has thrown them into the deep end of the pool. But the ultimate result is that the user is prevented from learning about crucially important basics like the importance of context, the anchor-buoy approach to relational design in FileMaker, and other things. FileMaker has evolved into a very complex platform. Yet FileMaker Inc.

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