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The last version of Office for the Mac was released four years ago, oddly enough under the name of Office , and was in itself a huge overhaul from its predecessor, Office Unfortunately there were a few problems; for a start, was initially intended to run on PowerPC architecture processors, a parade rather rained on when Apple decided to adopt Intel processors instead, which as we all know use the x86 architecture or x on bit systems such as Leopard.

Office , of course, scraps all that and is coded using all-powerful Universal Binaries, which means that depending on what type of CPU you have the program will use the best kind of code for it; the proverbial win-win situation.

PowerMac G5 Setup/First Run + RAM, Hard Drive, and OSX Installation

There is a downside to that though, in that the move to the new coding structure has required a small sacrifice from the Office development team — Visual Basic for Applications is no longer supported. This could pose a huge problem to businesses wishing to upgrade because VBA is, despite being an absolute pain to actually use, an extremely useful tool. As well as these behind-the-scenes changes Microsoft has also given the visible interface a bit of an overhaul, as with Office for Windows.

In short, before I give it to you in long over the following pages, the whole look and feel is just a bit more, well, Mac-like. X Word, Excel won't start on an Intel iMac they crash if you click on their application icon in the dock, but if you open a document they run fine. Sorry for you, guys cross fingers. I have been having similar problems with anything Adobe but primarily Photoshop CS2 and Photoelements 4. I beleive the issue is related to Unsanity but in discussion with one of their programmers, we can't identify the issue.

Fruitmenu appears to be one component, because it seems to have more impact on no startup of adobe Killing the 'translated' process works well enough for me to keep using Photoshop and doesn't appear to have any damaging affect. I'm surprised that there has not been more response in various forums. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly -- that is the fi.

Running Killing 'translated' seems to have worked for all three.

First Look: A maximum look at a mini Mac, part one

Killing "translated" worked on my MacBook Pro. I am having the launching issue with Entourage and Quicken I do have Windowshade installed and active very hard to live without on a laptop. This is excellent information and "right-on" it seems to my problem. If I understand correctly, if a program like Adobe Reader 7. Is that correct?

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Thanks for this feedback and any additional comments or web site references appreciated. Alternatively, I've gotten rid of this problem by removing the 3rd party System Prefs plugin Application Enhancer since I no longer use WindowShades and that fixes the problem for good. Unfortunately remove APE improves, but does not fix the problem. See this thread with a reply from the Unsanity guy : I've noticed this same issues but it is brand new to me.

I just installed Logitech's Control Center software for my new MX Revolution mouse, and now am having issues with launching. IIRC, the new versions seemed to start just fine after the install. Then they failed. This translate hint didn't work.

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I thought i solved my problem by cleaning out the Font Book of all fonts that wouldn't validate. Since both versions of Office seemed happy, i ditched the version of Office. Now Word is back to failing. Fonts are all happy. Translate hint still doesn't work. That's the only Word preference file.

Full Specifications

Powerpoint and Excel still work. The only change i can think of, since the apparently successful migration from my iBook and trouble free use of Excel for weeks, and i think Word was working Thanks for letting me rant; hope this is sort of on topic at least. I to have been seeing this issue since the last security update. Before that I had this issue once, months ago and this tips worked. Two hours ago I could open one Rosetta app, close it, open another, now I can't open any. I reboot will fix and apps will open fine for awhile, but then all of a sudden they won't open anymore.

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Best wishes Michael. It's only just started to happen after running them successfullly for a few months on my Black MacBook. Missing Sync has also started playing up but not sure if it's the same problem. Appreciate any suggestions. Took the option of creating a Previous System folder.

Navigation menu

I was so excited to find this hint, as I have been struggling with the issue with Office apps and InDesign. To my dismay, the hint doesn't work for me. Only a restart will fix the issue, and of course, this is only temporary. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a fix for this? I tried, but it didn't work on my Office v.

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X Does anyone have further ideas? Where is "translate"? Apologies, I'm not as savvy as I wish I were.

Microsoft Office For Mac 2008 Review

I also have this problem - all of office not working plus arobat and adobe applications. They also won't open on reboot so my computer is useless except for the internet. I have tried inputing the code in terminal but it hasn't worked. Can anyone help? Thanks, Luke.

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