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Captnhook December 10, , pm 5. Just keep getting an error that the plugin isn't responding. Drop the bundle into the config folder, match permissions and restart the container. If it's running in host mode, you can just go to the server ip and port I think you need to go the the plex web gui under channels and in webtools fill in your plex username and pass if you haven't done that already. Thanks for your quick response Hogwind! Still nothing. I'm thinking it might be a permission issue maybe, any ideas? The only difference is that I copied the plugin to a share in unraid and then used krusader to copy it to the plugins folder.

I couldn't copy it directly from the windows machine because of permissions. I have it under channels, thats the pic above. It just won't launch. I copied it over without a problem but I still think something is wrong since it's not showing the Webtools logo. Any ideas? Only other thing I can think of is maybe I have something else running on that port, I will check that when I get home. I just installed it last night in my binhex-plexpass container. All I did was extract the archive and plop it in the plug-ins folder via SMB and it worked like a charm.

Thats what I did and it's not working. I think it might be a permission thing. Webtools log. Thanks for your help Hogwind. I could then see WebTools, but it would not launch. The unfortunate side effect was that I had to re-setup Plex like it was brand new. Plex doesn't care or know about the root folder.

Leave the mount points as is. If plex is working, there is nothing wrong with them. Set the owner of the plugin files directly and restart plex. That's all that is needed. So if you add files downstream with wrong permissions, the container won't fix it. And why does it say Feb 19??

I also attached the Webtools log. That is not correct.

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Do not move plex installation files or you'll likely break it and will have to set it up from scratch. I guess that's the whole point of docker containers, eh? Thanks for setting me straight. Reinstalling the Plex docker from scratch fixed it, likely because as you mention the paths and permissions were reset properly. I'm not sure, according to the log, it seems to start.

If it's still not working, perhaps you can ask in their plex thread. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. This provides users with a huge variety of unique content, and makes the BringThePopcorn applications a fantastic choice for any cord cutter making use of the Plex Unsupported App Store.

Unsupported Plex App Store Install Guide!

FMoviesPlus — Another popular online film repository, FMoviesPlus offers a wide variety of aggregated video content, usually streaming at p or higher. A clean and simple UI, robust search functionality, and detailed information about each movie, TV show, and other piece of content makes FMoviesPlus one of the most high-quality unsupported app channels.

This subreddit provides users with links to full movies on YouTube — both older public domain films and newer releases can often be found on this site. This channel offers quite a few films and new TV shows, with full details and trailers about each one. Download and streaming speeds are also generally quite good, allowing you to start playing films quickly.

You can search shows and channels by country, genre, and other categories, and add them to your bookmarks for quick an easy viewing. While the UI and design of LihatTV may leave something to be desired, the wide variety of free content and high streaming speeds offered by this unofficial application make it a fantastic choice for Plex users.

Best of all, you can quickly and easily search for these applications within the Plex Unsupported App Store, eliminating the need to manually install each one!

How to Add The Unofficial App Store to Plex

Extract the downloaded. ZIP file WebTools. Zip to whichever folder you prefer, using the program of your choice. Your extracted file should be named WebTools.