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This is the only DHCP server. It is an enterprise network. Jan 2, AM. Jan 2, PM in response to elfigu In response to elfigu. Life's tough You'll note that he says that Apple has taken management of DHCP out of the Server app, that was the case but they put it back in in version 2. The point is he gives some information about config files if you want to check them.

You don't need to manually change the config files as you can do basic config in the GUI.

See what you find Check that server is listening on port 67, in Terminal run these commands, second one shows port as number. Jan 2 server. Jan 2, PM. Every windows machine that we try to connect to our work network, whether by wireless or ethernet, fails to get an IP. I've worked out, with the help of Wireshark, that it is failing accept the IP that the server is offering. I'm not that sure how to interpret all of the imformation from Wireshark really but I will give your advise a go and hope that I can spot the issue We do have a second "guest" wireless network which I want to fully disable to eliminate it from the equation.

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Jan 26, AM. Jan 28 our. At this point we started to get a seperate error on the server and lost internet and had to reboot the server. After the server had restarted i then saw the Windows laptop suddenly get assigned an IP and saw this type of subsequent entry in the system logs:. The only issue I can see before the server restart was that the server was not sending out its OFFER with the client hostname.

One other thing I should point out is that I did not set up the server personally, one of my collegues did. Jan 28, AM. Reason for that question is the older versions of DHCP setup had more functionality exposed via the Server app GUI and perhaps something was configured that you can't see easily now. I have just tested a Windows 7 netbook too and this also got an IP fine over both ethernet and wireless.

Not really sure what else to look at now that the issue seems to have magically resolved itself after the server reboot Hi this same issue is happening to us. We cannot get any windows machines ips on a mavricks dhcp server.. Feb 17, AM.

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Feb 19, AM in response to calfaro2 In response to calfaro2. Feb 19 my. Feb 19, AM.

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I have googled but can't find a solution to get an IP address back. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to get back ip address on Mac Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 2 months ago.

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Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 10k times. Click the Apple button and choose System Preferences. Click the Network icon in the Internet and Network section. What does macOS Server 5. Not a lot! If Apple has removed services is there any way to still run them? We're testing various solutions and will update this article over time.

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Not all alternatives are free. How can I buy macOS Server 5. Consumers can buy it directly from the Mac App Store. Business customers can purchase volume licences for Apple software directly from Apple by calling or through the Apple Store for Business. Volume licence contracts and maintenance agreements are available for all Apple products with a minimum quantity of 20 licences.

New features, new fixes: OS X Server’s six-month checkup

Education customers can purchase Apple software directly from Apple by contacting their Apple education account representative, or through the Apple Store for Education. Volume licence contracts are available at a 50 per cent discount per licence with a minimum quantity of 20 licences. How many computers can I install macOS Server 5.