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How To Uninstall M-Audio ProjectMix I/O from Mac OS

The Flame Posts: 11 Joined: Thu Jul 29, am M audio Project Mix IO troubleshooting Thu Mar 03, am Hey guys, i have been using my m audio projectmix io for a few years, and although it works in logic x, sometimes if goes offline and has buggy behavior physical faders arent synced with logic's faders, eratic moves, or a fader or encoder would control multiple parameters at once such as a volume and pan. It is in an intermittent problem that happens once a month or so, and i dont know how to fix it, but it remedies itself.

I usually remove the control surface from the setup dialogue and reopen logic a few times. A computer shutdown doesnt address the problem.

M-audio ProjectMix I/O Manuals

I have read about deleting a plist cs file but cant seem to find it in library-preferences with the other plist files. Zero-latency direct monitoring can be turned on via the driver control panel.

M-Audio ProjectMix I/O: Unboxing & Introduction - Part 1

The quality of the mic preamps sounded like my FW and FW clean and open with virtually no added noise or coloration, even when fully cranked. If you need more mic inputs, then you can always capitalize on the ADAT input by inserting a device such as M-Audio's Octane preamp and record up to 16 microphone inputs simultaneously.

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Call me greedy, but with no auxiliary outs or channel insert paths, you're prevented from hooking up much in the way of outboard processing, not to mention that you can't conduct surround monitoring with only four outputs. By far, Logic support felt the most thorough, with extra channel views, automation functions and deeper panning and plug-in editing.

All programs responded well to control, and FireWire audio latency was impressively low as I ran live instruments through a sample buffer, resulting in a delay of only a couple milliseconds at 96 kHz. The result is a surface that doesn't have much of a learning curve and is quite intuitive.


By the same token, many of the labeled functions do not translate universally across all DAW programs, and switching between the discrete DAW modes can leave you guessing as to which buttons or combinations to press. Pressing the MTR key turns the LCD into a meter bridge showing levels horizontally for higher resolution, I presume , which takes some getting used to. Programming MIDI continuous controller messages to the faders, knobs, buttons and jog wheel couldn't be simpler thanks to ProjectMix Control's friendly interface.

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First, it's a shame that there's no talkback facilities onboard. The fact that there's no FireWire expansion port, I presume, is M-Audio's way of telling us that audio drives should be on their own bus. Controller-only solutions such as the Mackie Control Universal offer more parametric and better tactile control, as well as entry into an expandable system including the brilliant C4 soft-knob sidecar, at roughly two-thirds the street price.