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The multimedia player by Micorsoft, also for Mac

Restart the PC 4. Install again by launching the downloaded software: 'wmpfirefoxplugin. Restart the PC and launch Firefox. Click here to download the Windows Media Player plugin for Netscape 4. Save the file and start the installation.

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  • Microsoft endorsed WMV player for Mac.
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It is simply done. Open Internet Explorer and go to Windows Update to make sure you have the latest version of the plugin 4.

Get Windows Media Player on a Mac

Restart the browser. On Mac OS, it is possible to listen to audio and video streams in Microsoft format. However, unlike the WMP plugin for Firefox, this solution has not been validated and approved by Microsoft. Although Microsoft has made a first step towards the free software solution by validating the WMP for Firefox, for the moment, no other more comprehensive approach to Linux has been taken.. Under Linux, we therefore recommend installing VLC which is also free software, light and fast You can check our tutorial on. More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

Loading page content. User profile for user: Klaus1 Klaus1. Windows Media Player has not been supported by Microsoft for the Mac for a number of years, and they themselves refer you to Flip4Mac.

VLC for Mac OS X

Whether it plays in your browser or a separate window is dependant on how the site is programmed. It is known to work in the great majority of cases with Safari 3. If you are running Leopard, ensure that all plug-ins have been updated for OS In earlier versions than QT 7. You should also ensure, if you are running Tiger What happened was that both Quicktime as well as Adobe FlashPlayer tried to play the Flash video at the same time.

This no longer happens. Security Update requires both a restart and a permission repair. However it should be noted that Perian is not an internet plugin and will not play DivX files imbedded on a website.

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Important: Now repair permissions and restart. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

Forget Windows Media Player, Here Are 3 Free Ways to Play WMV Video on a Mac

User profile for user: iBod iBod. To get it to work on your MacBook you will need to set Safari to run in Rosetta mode check the Help on your Mac if you are unsure how to enable it for Safari. Happy New Year to you too! I'm still unable to find the Rosetta mode in Safari from the Help menu.

Download Windows Media Player for Mac

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While you may be able to get the WMP plugin to work by forcing Safari to run under Rosetta you will experience a noticeable slowdown in performance because Rosetta takes time to convert PPC code to something Intel machines can understand. Flip4Mac will play Windows media content that the older plugin cannot. I think I can say I speak for most of the experienced users here when I say Flip4Mac is the preferred plugin for viewing Windows media content.

Windows Media Player is defunct.

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User profile for user: nomadiclife nomadiclife. I would like the window media player to pop up as separate window instead of playing within the safari window. It is because the web site does not know how to allow window media player to play within the safari window. However, it does not work with Mac OS X