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After recently having the hard drive in my iMac replaced, I get an "Your database could not be rebuilt. How do I get past this problem. Posted on Oct 23, PM. Page content loaded. There are two different ways you can recover your data. This will result in you being able to recover all of your data, but you would lose all you folder names and hierarchical structure.

I had 10 folders at the top of my hierarchy, with loads of subfolders inside subfolders inside subfolders etc… In total the number of folders I have is In fact, in my case, it would almost be impossible.

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One thing to keep in mind though, before I start explaining the second recovery method, is that memory is the key to recovery. My database is It even failed to rebuild a non-corrupted identity. And so I freed up some space and tried again with GB of free space on my hard drive, but that failed too.

Fixing Outlook on Mac

I freed up even more space and tried again with GB of free space on my hard drive, and that succeeded to build. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your valuable time. By the way, these memory constraints apply to both of the recovery procedures; the one described above and the other one described below. If you wish to rescue your folder structure, read the steps below very carefully and try to follow them precisely and hopefully you will be able to recover your data.

Restart your computer. Install the original Office Open a blank document in Microsoft Word, and allow it to fully load up. Then quit Word. Make sure that you do not install any later updates than that.

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Manually download and intsall update Disconnect your computer from the Internet and do NOT reconnect it again until you have completed the recovery. Open the Microsoft Database Utility, and delete all the existing identities. There should only be one. Your corrupted identity should not appear in there.

How to resolve inaccessible identities problem in Outlook for Mac 2011?

Now that there are no identities in the list, create a new blank identity. Quit the database utility. In the duplicate of your corrupted identity created in step 1 , delete the database file. What you intend to do here, is trick the database utility v Now launch the database utility, and you should only see that duplicate of your corrupted identity. Nothing else should be listed there. Otherwise, it would just be a waste of your time because the rebuild will probable fail. You should receive a message saying that your database was rebuilt successfully. Now, quit the database utility. While you are still disconnected from the internet, start Microsoft Outlook.

Free Guide: Fix Crashes or Rebuild Database Identity in Outlook Mac

Once you have quit Outlook in step 4 at that link in the previous step, start Microsoft AutoUpdate and install all available updates until you Office is updated to Go to Step 6 and continue to the end of that document. You should now have your Outlook looking exactly as it did the day your identity got corrupted, hopefully with no data lost at all.

Nov 9, AM. I too am facing this problem and have yet to properly recover my Outlook database but I accidentally found that I could regain use of most of my Outlook program and folders in the following manner:. Immediately a new blank "compose email" window opens up followed shortly by full working Outlook Window. Recent emails started to download normally and Outlook appeared to function properly.

Some folders are definitely corrupted. So far I've identified 9 folders out of about folders that are unuasable. Any attempt to access, or apply a rule that involves one of the corrupted folders causes the program to shut down.

How to fix a failed Outlook 2011 database rebuild?

I know this is not a proper fix but it did get me up and running for the time being. I don't know if using Outlook in this manner for a prolonged period of time will further complicate a more complete recovery process so take this information for what it's worth. It's possible that in my particular case, the database was corrupted in a manner that allowed this sort of partial "recovery" so it may not be helpful to some but should still be worth trying.

May 6, AM. Btw, my identity was 21GB. Jun 15, AM. Jul 28, AM. Rob88 you are a huge lifesaver! Thank you so much for detialing this, nothing else worked for me except your solution of copying categories instead of folders.

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Nov 2, PM. I have a few questions for you. I have a macbook pro with Microsoft office also loaded and I use outlook for my mail. Not able to identify which version of Microsoft and I do not re-call if I have updated to I have had 2 problems over the last 1 week a mails duplicating constanting by downloading the same emails repeatedly from the server.

I had recently updgraded to Mavericks, incidentally.

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Is this problem due to the latest update of Microsoft ? Nov 9, AM in response to zorro In response to zorro The method in the first link is in fact the same as this one I posted here on this page. I have given Diana Ross permission to publish my procedure on her site. The second link, "the microsoft solution", has always been there and never worked. I understand that it may have a later revision date than my post, however, its content has effectively not changed since this time last year when I had the problem. DLL not found. In this situation, users need to re-install the application to resolve this problem.

Hence, in this write-up, we will tell you how to rebuild Mac Outlook database in both and versions. Apart from this, we will also discuss the reasons which may result in corruption of Mac Outlook and requires to rebuild Outlook Database Mac , It will easily manage and rebuild Mac Outlook profiles. There are many causes that lead Mac Outlook application inaccessible and require rebuilding Mac Outlook database in or To rebuild the Outlook for Mac Database to solve problems, you just need to follow the steps given below:.

Now, to maintain the Mac Outlook database, you always need sufficient storage space. However, you need to have almost three times space as much space as the recent Outlook size is. As the name suggests, backup is important to avoid the risk of losing data.