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It is always a great leap towards getting a satisfactory gadget when you take time understanding the associated terms and features. The resolution, OCR, file formats, appropriate paper sizes, dimensions, and other compatibility issues need to be cleared, making sure the portable scanner is of maximum benefit. Our product review will look into these features as they are associated with a number of portable scanner on the market today.

This is definitely an impossible point upon overlook. If you are using the Windows operating system, make sure the portable scanner of your choice is compatible, and the same applies for the mac OS. Upon choosing what looks like the best fit for you, never forget spending a few minutes looking at various customer reviews from authority sites like Amazon.

These reviews can reveal some unknown truths concealed by the manufacturer that can only be exposed by real life experiences.

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Take a closer look and if there seems something be crucial and consistent complaint, ignoring the product it does save you from the impending frustration. See Product.

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Our expedition begins with the Brother DS portable scanner as one of the most best familiar and leading brands on the market today. High review rates backed up by a promising feature set demands a few moments of consideration in this review. The overall design of the Brother portable document scanner presents a pleasing site for any keen eye that cares about looks and sleekness.

It comes in white as a principle color with a dimensional profile that lives up into the adjective; portable.

Best Mobile Scanners For Mac

The length, width and height combination of the portable scanner is 2. The portable scanner is capable of handling 8 pages per minute which should come in handy when you have volumes of documents turning into soft copies. Perhaps you might be wondering about USB function of the Brother document scanner, well, this best portable scanner provides a conveniently placed USB port at the back for easy transfer of files.

When it comes for operating systems, the Brother portable scanner shows quite a level of versatility as it can function with both Windows, mac OS and Linux operating systems. Additionally, the portable scanner comes with Presto Software which allows you sending images through other devices. This is by all means that the Brother document scanner is a top of the range scanner that provides a great portable option without sacrificing quality and performance. The resolution of this portable scanner is quite impressive, the speed is definitely above average and the build provides quite a reliable option that can stand the test of time.

There may be a few downsides of the product such as absent two-sided function which is provided by similar products like the DSD and the DSW. These may represent potential negativities but they are nothing more than a few blips in an otherwise impressive feature profile.

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  6. This portable document scanners seems living up for its expectation as evidenced by an Amazon customer rating of 4 stars out of 5 based on reviews. Considering the sample size that was used in the survey, this is quite an impressive fit, achieving thus warranting a high degree of confidence and trust. From our point of view, the Brother document scanner is a 4. This portable scanner seems to be another masterpiece of their craft as it promises a lot of value for the pennies spent. With the length, width and height combination of x50x37 mm and a weight of g, this portable document scanner definitely lives up til its portability standards.

    To get into the specifics relating to features, this portable handheld scanner has a resolution of dpi which is a default scale mode. Upon testing, the portable scanner seems to go as far as dpi in terms of maximum resolution. When it comes for the maximum paper dimensions. The portable scanner also includes an installation disc in the package purposed to breeze you through the installation process.


    Additionally, the scanner also features a punch holes removal mechanism, predefined scan settings and USB functionality. Firstly, the resolution and the speed set the bar quite high for most scanners. Thirdly, a fully packed set of auto features should make your life with using the printer considerably simplified allowing you focusing on other important aspects of the work rather than the technicalities that come with handling a portable scanner producing the best possible images.

    Lastly, the overall best build and design is durable enough to let the scanner make it through the physicalities that come with frequent travelling and movement. The average time the scanner needs for proper installation is 13 minutes and it seems that you may need to install it on any new device. This gets rid of a few points on portability as you would expect it kicking start upon being connected through any device.

    The experience so far demonstrates an encouraging record. Based on reviews, the scanner managed coming up with an average of 3. A careful scrutiny of the customers comments show a constant pattern of themes of durability, efficiency and a relatively affordable price tag. Definitely one of the best scanning innovations on the market today!

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    Our third best scanners under the magnifying glass is one of the most stubborn scanners when it comes for resolution and versatility, the MSRM Color Mobile Scanner. Having a total of customer reviews on Amazon tells us a lot about its popularity among consumers. The modest size of the portable scanner is backed up by The scanner only weighs While most scanners can hardly go beyond dpi in terms of resolution, this scanner can be adjusted among dpi, dpi and dpi. The associated memory is also way beyond average as the scanner is capable of supporting a 32G Micro SD card.

    The storage capabilities are also augmented by the inclusion of a USB port for easy transfer of files across devices. When it comes before power supply, the scanner needs 2pcs AA batteries operating to near perfect efficiency. Another great feature that gives it an edge over Epson is that it incorporates a plug in and play feature that eliminates any need of drivers to function with any device.

    Best Portable Scanners in 2018

    The first and most noticeable feature of this product is its incredible resolution range. Secondly, the storage features of the device provide a suitable option for those who get a little more hectic with taking image files, especially those involved in a lot of research. Thirdly, the ultra slim and lightweight design makes it one of the most practical scanners for those who are constantly on the move. The last positive aspect of this scanner is the highly affordable price tag. If you compare with most best and high end portable scanners, you will realize that this is one of the most affordable portable scanners which offer a lot of value that could justify any price hike.

    Best Portable Scanners For MacBooks

    On a negative note, the blip in the sea of excellence constitutes the lack of some of the auto features that can be pretty useful. The portable scanner does not support some features like the auto crop feature which can go along way influencing the image of the image. This portable scanner scores the highest user rating on our list. In simple terms, it is evident that all of the current users are more than satisfied with the device in a real world setting.

    Well, the users and the features say it all. At a price range of less than 60 dollars, the device gives a lot of value for the price tag. Lots of credit for the manufacturers for bringing this specimen of crafty design and efficiency on the technological landscape. Fortunately, many portable scanner makers have introduced WiFi wireless Mac compatible scanner models to serve the market.

    Single-sheet hand-feeding can be rather tedious. Mac, PC and iOS apps are included. With built in memory, the Doxie mobile scanner can function stand-alone mode, then ready to connect to your iPhone, iPad or MacBook when you need to. It's a great option for USB or battery-powered duplex color wireless scanning on the go.