Mac x gareth pugh strada blush

Lets take a closer look at it. So here I am, doing my best Wednesday Addams impression. Do I look deeply misunderstood and alone? I hope so bitches, I didn't layer on that amount of pale powder for nothing, you know.

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Ok, so while I was pretty heavy-handed with that contour I didn't expect Powder Blush in Strada to be so pigmented or have such a red tone to it I must say I like it - it works very well with a lighter hand on pale skin to sculpt and shape and I will definitely be using it again in my more, er, normal routine. I'd query the small pan size though: this is the same size as the Metal-X shadows and for ease of use I'd prefer it to be bigger. I also really like Metal-X shadow in Ardent - these apply, blend and work well with powders. But they do move about so you will need a primer or something to set them with.

I've pretty much used the colour solo here, working it on in layers and blending, blending, blending. Not very well or accurately, but just to give you a goth-pression of how it looks. Beauty Powder in Elude is another beautiful product I'll gladly use. A transparent, fine finishing powder, there's no shimmer or glitter, just a soft-focus finish. Obviously, obviously , I will never leave the house with all this on together as it is clearly not a flattering finish and this is just for fun to show you the range in a homage to the goth glory of Gareth Pugh.

The lipstick in particular does zilch for me - but if you love a deep purple then this is a satin finish that covers well and feels nice on the lips.

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There are also several bits in this collection you can happily work into your own collection and lots of them are a boon for pale girls, which is great to see. Lastly, swatches. I didn't swatch the Beauty Powder as it just didn't show up on the skin. So - that's pretty much it from me for Gareth Pugh, oh, except for these, er, 'outtakes' from my self-shoot.

Will you nip to the counter to pick anything up in December?

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How to look wide-awake in 5 easy steps. Update your ponytail with these runway-inspired styles. Effortless makeup looks perfect for when you're feeling lazy. How to remove stubborn makeup quickly. How to do a Christmas makeup look in 5 minutes.

Gareth Pugh for MAC - gofeqysyjiva.tk

This is the Christmas makeup look to suit everyone. Fashion and beauty gifts you'll want to give to yourself. Gareth Pugh for MAC delivers a futuristic yet primal shades in custom geometric packaging gives this collection an edge. To think Gareth Pugh is to think beautifully distorted, sculptural, otherworldly proportions…avant-garde mash ups of materials from PVC and Perspex, latex to leather, mink to metal, Gareth reworks them all into breathtakingly original clothes …an extreme attitude….

In short, no one could accuse Gareth of being conventional. Thought a beauty line by Gareth would be all black and white? Cue heavyweight geometric packaging encasing some seriously chic standouts: a duo-chromatic nail polish that flashes from emerald to amethyst. A compact Beauty Powder that turns all skin-tones a sophisticated matte. Lipglasses that go from super-subtle worn alone to statement-making when layered over Lipstick.

New Arrivals

So too his debut approach to makeup. Specially created to flawlessly blend powder onto the skin for an immaculate polished finish. Wow, I actually got a little excited. Is it plastic?

Gareth Pugh for M.A.C. makeup blurs light & dark together

Will definitely pick up a lippie or two and perhaps a nail lacquer. That purple gloss looks good, too. I always love the special packaging that those come in but wince a bit at the higher price. I might have to spring for those nail polishes tho if they swatch anything like they appear in the promo pic!