Seagate 1tb goflex portable for mac thunderbolt review

The Thunderbolt adapter is significantly faster than either of the other two adapters in both tests. Again, the Thunderbolt adapter is significantly faster in both tests. Even though I have a script that uses rsync to perform incremental backups, it took a while to complete a backup using the Firewire adapter with the Seagate GoFlex disk.

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Thanks for the write-up. Janet, I thought USB 3. You should include a USB 3. I have read that you get a speed increase using USB 3.

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I did my own test with a USB 3. I would be interested to see what results you get. It was slower for both tests writing to the Seagate drive than the USB 2. I used the same files in my tests. Folders to Seagate with USB 3. Folders from Seagate to computer with USB 3. Why not include USB 3. GoFlex series got these adapters.

Seagate 1TB GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive for Mac with Thunderbolt Adapter

The difference in speed using the USB 3. USB 3. There is nothing proprietary about that connection, it is standard SATA. You can even plug a bare 2. That would be a great test, if only I had the internal and external SSD drives to test!

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The Seagate GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapter is not ready for prime or any other time; it causes a system freeze about once per hour. Janet, thanks for the review. Oh, also, did you get the sense that the magnet is there to keep the GoFlex drive in place?

Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt 1 TB

Thanks again! I think the magnet is there to keep the other end of the disk held closely to the sledge-shaped piece. If something got pushed between the end of the drive and the Thunderbolt connector base, it could cause damage to the metal connector or to the port on the drive itself. I think the magnet holds the two ends together to help prevent things getting wedged in there. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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You can also subscribe without commenting. Skip to content. Most of the images in this review can be clicked for an enlargement. To show the performance spread, we included IOMeter sequential large-block benchmarks for a wide range of interface options, including USB 2.

Seagate GoFlex Portable for Mac

Over a USB 2. Stepping up to USB 3. Over Thunderbolt, those speeds measured to For this particular drive, the limiting factor for both USB 3. Connecting to the drive over its native SATA 3. That said, there are many who will pay up for Thunderbolt, which as we see here can provide substantially improved performance for computers who are port constrained, like the MacBook Air. Those users however might be more interested in the Thunderbolt sled for its universal SATA interface, meaning any 2. The down side though is USB 3. With the upper speeds of 2. Seagate's Thunderbolt adapter for their line of GoFlex portable hard drives does its intended job well, but it's hard for most, outside of MacBook Air owners, to justify the expense given USB 3.

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  • Seagate GoFlex Thunderbolt Adapter Review.
  • Backup Plus automates photo and video backups from Facebook, Flickr, YouTube.
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