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Visually Improved Battle Reports. Various Bug Fixes and Localization Improvements. But sadly all that has come to an end, with the release of the new event the alliance wars. Just a little bit ago I was chased from three different sectors by higher levels ships in level 13 they were Even after I jumped to a lower level area I still found 15 in level areas attacking any ship they find.

In my case, to advance I had to build a 19th level shipyard which required refined crystals which you can only attempt to get every nine hours and you will only receive between 5 and 20 at a time, or none at all. I presently have 45 because you need them for ship improvements, research and other things in the game. You can also get them by completing tasks, like research or base improvements.

This is where the second issue with this game comes in: it is still insanely buggy. Plus there is a PVP issue with mining which you absolutely have to do to get resources and complete storyline goals. You can be attacked even with a peace shield up and there are two or three alliances who are dedicated to just smashing miners.

PAX was the main culprit on my server. This game has tons of potential but they have a long way to go to get me back. Play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes instead. Hi Pgrava2, The game does become more challenging as you move up in levels.

Star Trek Online

We are reviewing how it is balanced and you will see continued changes in the coming weeks and months. It is important to keep in mind that if you move too quickly through content it takes away from the fun. We agree there are more issues in the game then we would like and we are working every day to clear those up.

You mentioned two games which launched with lots of bugs. Just like them we will make sure to clear challenges so everyone has a delightful experience. PVP games can be a challenge to players but when you use things like shields and work with an alliance, these can be fun challenges to overcome. Star Trek Fleet Command.

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Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Free to Play. Play Game. Enjoy not just a discount on our ships, but fleet modules, dry dock slots and ship upgrade tokens as well! Have you been eyeing a new ship or ship bundle in the C-store? Now is the time to grab the ship you've always dreamt of commanding, including the new ships of the Temporal Warship Bundle!

This includes bundles which are comprised only of ships. This does not include bundles that have items other than ships in them.

First Impressions of Star Trek Online

Starting July 18th , four new ships are being made available on the C-Store. These new vessels will be available in both Non-Fleet and Fleet variants, and additionally will be a part of the first-ever bundle with ships from four different factions!

Special Introductory Pricing Discount! The standard Fleet Module discounts apply if you have purchased the ships from the C-Store. For the first time ever, non-Romulan characters will be able to fly the Warbird included in this bundle! Similarly, non-Dominion characters will be able to fly the Vanguard Warship in this bundle right away — no Tier 6 Mastery involved!

Additionally, the traits and consoles from these ships adjust slightly to theme to your faction! All starships come with the same console, but the passive boost will change which energy type it boosts. For Starship Traits, the both the name and the damage type affected will change.

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In both cases, Dominion captains will be getting a boost to Polaron weaponry, Romulan captains to Plasma weaponry, Klingon captains to Disruptor weaponry, and Starfleet captains to Phaser weaponry, as fits their signature weapons. Molecular Reconstruction Mechanic Temporal Starships are capable of making subtle alterations on the molecular level through the use of Molecular Reconstruction. This technology allows the starship to assume 1 of 3 different Configurations: Defensive, Offensive and Support.

Additionally, the player may choose to have no active Configuration. Each Configuration has its own strengths and weaknesses. Each of the Configurations generates their own specific counter. A ship may have up to 6 Configuration Counters at a time. After reaching 6 Counters, any additionally generated ones will be lost.

These Counters are used to fuel your Molecular Deconstruction Beam. Defensive Configuration While this configuration is active, the starship's systems will dynamically reconfigure to fill more of a defensive role.

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This comes at a cost of a small reduction to Flight Speed and Turn Rate. Defensive Configuration generates 1 Defensive Counter every 10 seconds. Offensive Configuration While this configuration is active, the starship's systems will dynamically reconfigure to fill more of an offensive role. This comes at a cost of a small reduction of Incoming Hull Healing. Offensive Configuration generates 1 Offensive Counter every 10 seconds. Support Configuration While this configuration is active, the starship's systems will dynamically reconfigure to fill more of a support role.

This comes at a cost of a small reduction to Energy Weapon Damage. Support Configuration generates 1 Support Counter every 10 seconds. Molecular Deconstruction Beam deals Physical Damage over time and Disables the target, in addition to healing your hull over time. This power's damage scales with the number of Offensive Counters consumed. Its Hull Healing scales with the number Defensive Counters consumed. Lastly, its Disable duration scales with the number of Support Counters consumed.

Activating this ability will consume all Offensive, Defensive and Support Counters generated from Configurations.

Without further ado, here are the stats on these exciting new starships! Threats to the galaxy continue to amass, demanding ever-vigilant answers. The Edison-Class is Starfleet's answer to these threats. An update of a more tactically minded vessel from Starfleet's past, the Edison is ready with superior firepower to stave off any threats to Starfleet or those they're sworn to protect. Threats to the galaxy continue to amass, demanding ever-better answers.

The Chargh-Class is the Klingon answer to these threats.