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Just either click the "Add File" button to choose the raw AVI files that you want to work with or simply drag the AVI videos directly from your machine. All added.

Perian extends QuickTime support for many popular types of media

Next, select the required output format that can be playable in QuickTime player from the "Profile" drop-down menu on the lower left side of the screen. This app will do the rest automatically and the time taken to convert the AVI will depend on the length of the original file. In Mac OS X v In that case, you need to install an older version of QuickTime 7 or similar software to be able to use 3rd party codec plugins to play the. For plug-ins or components, you can find several third-party plug-ins on the web to view AVI videos via QuickTime 7, no matter what the video codec is used under the.

It has its own built-in codec package which lets you play a plethora of media formats avi, mkv, mp4, wmv, mpeg, webm, and require no conversion effort on the user's part.

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It also provides many features you won't find in QuickTime player such as recording online radio streams, adding logo watermark, capturing screen, and more. It's open source and free to download. Download Now! Related Articles.

Perian for Mac - Download

It is to be noted that an AVI file or any video file do not come with codecs. Codecs are a part of the video player package like QuickTime. However if the codec that has been used to encode the AVI file is not available in the QuickTime player, you can expand the codec library of the player by downloading the specific codec required to play the file.

Common After Effects QuickTime & Export Problems & Fixes

The AVI format video will play as expected if the video and audio in codec are compressed using a codec that exists in the QuickTime package. The file may also refuse to play if the AVI file is corrupt. Fix corrupt AVI files on Mac before trying any work around. The video file information is listed, and you will be able to find codec information after format properties.

Best way to watch any AVI files with QuickTime Player 10 on Mac

Check if the QuickTime version supports the codec that is listed in the video properties. Note: Download the codec from genuine and trusted sources to avoid compromising system security. This codec enables greater video quality at lower file size values up to fifty percent when compared to the MPEG-4 standard designed by Apple. This decoder increases the efficiency of the video storage and transmission of files that are rendered too large.

Once you install 3ivx D4 on your Mac to play AVI files, there is no longer a need for downloading any other components like plug-ins to play the AVI file unless a proprietary codec is used to encode the file. While you can play majority of AVI files after you install this free codec for Mac, its major disadvantage is that the audio sometimes might be distorted or only the video is played. For this reason DivX codec for Mac is considered to be a secondary option when compared to 3ivx D4 codec.

2 Quick Ways to Play AVI in QuickTime

Hence it is recommended to install only one codec to avoid malfunction of QuickTime player. VLC or video lan client is a cross-platform media player that supports a wide variety of AVI video and audio codecs. Therefore choosing VLC as an alternative media player to watch. Because of its large library of free encoding and decoding libraries, you will no longer need any additional codec download or proprietary plug-ins.

After the conversion the file is not only playable by Mac but also an improvement in the quality of audio and video can be achieved.