Ipod transfer songs to mac

You may like to listen to music with your iPhone while you're on the go. Thus, you may downloaded or saved lots of songs on your device.

How to Transfer Music From an iPod Without Sync

So have you ever wondered of sharing your favorite songs with your friends or family? Or do you want to import your iPhone music into your PPT presentation as background music? Or do you want to transfer music from iPhone to Mac so that you can have a save backup? If so, you really need to export songs from iPhone to Mac for backup or sharing in case of unexpected data lost from iPhone. Part 1. Many people say that it is hard to transfer music from iPhone to Mac, because of iTunes' limitation.

Before you begin

For example, iTunes only allows you to transfer songs from iPhone to Mac which are purchased from the iTunes store. With it, you can use all your music files for any purpose as you like, including purchased and non-purchased songs without iTunes or iCloud. By the way, it can even allow you to transfer music from iPhone to USB flash drive for easier sharing.

And aside from music files, but also photo albums, videos, books, apps, contacts, SMS, etc. Below are the Mac and Windows download button of this transfer tool, with which you can get the free trial version of them. You can get one of them and install it according to its instructions.

2 Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Mac

After that, you'll find a desktop application icon on your Mac screen. Double-click it to run the program on your Mac successfully.

How to Transfer Music from Computer iTunes to iPhone iPad iPod - Mac

The folders represent your various playlists; the files in each folder are the media files, music, audio books, podcasts, or videos associated with that particular playlist. Fortunately, even though the file names don't contain any recognizable information, the internal ID3 tags are all intact.

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As a result, any application that can read ID3 tags can sort the files out for you. Not to worry; iTunes can read ID3 tags, so you need look no further than your own computer. Now that you know where your iPod stores media files, you can copy them back to your Mac.

iPod to Computer Transfer - Get Music off iPod and Copy to iTunes on PC or Mac

The easiest way to do this is to use the Finder to drag-and-drop the files to an appropriate location. We recommend copying them to a new folder on your desktop. The Finder will start the file copying process. This may take a while, depending on the amount of data on the iPod. Go have coffee or lunch, if you have tons of files. When you come back, proceed to the next step. At this point you have successfully recovered your iPod's media files and copied them to a folder on your Mac. The next step is to unmount your iPod and add the recovered music to your iTunes Library.

Best Ways to Transfer Music from iPod to Mac Easily

During the recovery process, you made all the hidden files and folders on your Mac visible. Now when you use the Finder, you'll see all kinds of strange-looking entries. You recovered the formerly hidden files that you needed, so you can send them all back into hiding. That's all there is to manually recovering media files from your iPod. Keep in mind that you will need to authorize any music you purchased from the iTunes Store before you can play it.

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Start to Copy iPod Songs

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Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Madagascar Madagascar. I had bought a new Mac Pro, so I wanted to import some of those songs into the iTunes. I have connected the iPod with a computer, iTunes opened, so I have highlighted wanted iPod songs and tried to drag them into Mac Pro's iTunes list. It does not work. So I double clicked on iPod icon on the desktop, hoping to drag folder with all that iPods music to my desktop.