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Lobster Mac n Cheese: The Perfect Recipe!

We grabbed some science and Michael Blum, chef at The Tipsy Boar , to help explain how butter, flour, milk and cheese become delicious. We've also posted step-by-step guide on how to make your favorite nuclear-orange cheese sauce at home. The first step is to make a roux, a basic and important cooking technique, that's a simple paste of flour and butter or any fat you like. When the starch granules initially swell by absorbing liquid, you've basically made a thickened paste.

Once they've been exposed to liquid and dampened, starch granules are primed to swell more as additional liquid is added.

Where to Get the Best Mac 'n Cheese in Every Kansas City Neighborhood

Enough science. Then slowly add a half cup of flour and cook for two to three minutes, until the paste begins to turn light brown. Next slowly add between one and a half to two cups of milk and whisk until creamy. For the basic version simply a few tablespoons of butter and then slowly add a quarter cup of flour. Strain the mixture to remove the onion and the reserve sauce.

Heat the reserve sauce in a pan and slowly add cheese. Once it's melted you're done. Yes, seriously?

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A generous dollop of mac 'n' cheese is thrown onto the griddle to form a pancake. Added benefit: two sides of crispy, crusty, cheesy goodness. Purely decadent and amazingly portable.

Served in an individual, bubbling casserole straight from the oven, the dish boasts a perfect balance of cheese, macaroni, and truffle oil. Dig in. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! Yardbird Served in its own crock, this dish is formidable. It's a thick and cheesy delight that makes us think we're at some dinner table in Charleston rather than a restaurant in SoBe.

Red the Steakhouse This is the mac 'n' cheese that will forever clear up the notion that the dish is blue-collar only. Huge, pink, succulent, sweet lobster. But hey -- Ferraris don't come cheap either. Prime One Twelve The top steak house in town naturally must have the top macaroni and cheese. So it is written; so it is done. Perfectly cooked macaroni is lovingly married to a blend of gourmet cheese and liberally drizzled with truffle oil before being topped with a crunchy breadcrumb topping.

Is it blasphemy to say we'd skip the steak and have a second helping? Can you say amazing? Amazing is what the Lobster Fried rice was. When we arrived we were greeted by a packed looby waiting to be seated, we almost left. The wait was short lived and our dining experience had begun. We started with some appetizers and the best sangria paired with a black cherry.

Shortly after the lobster fried rice arrived,I fell in love with this place. The lamb chops were beautifully done and delicious!!! Service was excellent!!! The lobster fried Rice was to die for! It was sooo good! Not like your traditional fried rice! Service and bartenders were exceptional.

A culinary masterpiece! The fish is cooked and fried to perfection with a light crispy batter that somehow NEVER gets soggy despite swimming in the amazing curry sauce! I really wish I could order the sauce by the gallon - so flavorful. This is one of my favorite dishes I've ever eaten. I also tasted the lobster fried rice, coconut shrimp, seafood spring rolls, and The mussels.

Every dish was not only an experience, but a complete taste sensation I had food to take home and I couldn't wait until the next day to finish it. It was gone that night. My thought was," I'll just workout later". Definitely my new favorite place in Atlanta! The pineapple fried rice was damn good! Excuse my French, but it was just that good!

I mean every spec of rice was just so tasteful and scrumptious. Me and friends will definitely be coming back to brunch again. Atlanta's best kept secret is right. What a great concept and fresh food served accompanied by an exquisite cocktail.

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I tried several items including the lobster fried rice , raspberry lemonade, and the pound cake. Servings are generous and fresh.

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Every bite was bursting with flavor! The taste was delicious delicate amazingly tasty with a flair. The spices are spot on. Lobster fresh with warming feeling like your in a vacation 5 star cruise. Good for family, friends and definitely a good date night spot.

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Can not resist the service, it's great and wonderful smell of the food definitely makes you want more. Definitely a bragging spot to your friends. Loved them so much we tried to "recreate" them for a party. It was an unsuccessful attempt. We'll just have to come back for the real thing. Love this dish. The flavor and juices in the Fried Chicken just never stop until the last bite.

Boston Lobster – World Famous All You Can Eat Lobster

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