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With files, you may want to look at changes in source code, HTML code, or other data. VisualDiffer Mac App Store link is a simple, drag-and-drop tool that performs these comparisons and displays the results in a two-pane window, with one file or folder on each side.

Drag a folder onto each side of the window and click on Show Diffs to find which files are different. You can check for differences by file content, by size, by timestamp and more. I tried a number of different folders, and comparing my iTunes Music folder with a backup, it took VisualDiffer about 30 seconds to scan some 65, files and find ones that had not yet been backed up.

A set of different colors will clue you in to folders that are different; you can then expand folders to see which files are not the same. You can delete any item, or copy them to the other folder.

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The program also offers a number of file exclusions; I chose to exclude certain types of music files when scanning my iTunes Music folder, for example. A web designer could choose to exclude HTML files if she is only looking at a folder of uploaded images. VisualDiffer also lets you compare files, such as backups. When comparing files, VisualDiffer uses the standard Unix diff command, and shows you each line that has differences.

Diff Tools on macOS

As much as I appreciate the work Apple put into updating the Finder, renaming more than a handful of files is pure tedium. Likewise, comparing a list of files in a folder with files in another folder is nothing short of another type of tedium, but tedious nonetheless.

Is there an app for that? The app works with the time honored Left folder and Right method. Select a folder of files.

Use VisualDiffer to compare the contents of folders and files

Compare Folders displays a list of of the files in each folder and details their differences. That means it looks at all the characteristics of each file in a folder and compares it with similarly named files in the other folder by looking into name, subfolders, creation date, modification date, file permissions, and more. Files within the two folders which are the same will be highlight, spreadsheet types in green, while those that vary according to the filtered parameters, will be highlighted in red.

For a few bucks more, Compare Folders will also do file checksums for even more accuracy. Word documents, and be next to impossible with graphic files.

How to Use Diff to Compare Files at the Command Line

My husband, Nathan, and I have used Macs for nearly 25 years.