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Despite the distraction, Fleetwood Mac launch into an incendiary "Black Magic Woman" to kick off the set. Featuring a strong vocal and tasty guitar work from Green, this slinky blues soon takes off into an astounding jam that clearly shows Green is already tapped into something very special. With a ferocity and otherworldly quality that leaves the popular Santana cover sounding like a pop confection, this is a tour-de-force opener that sets the stage for an extraordinary night. Following this opener, Green continues expressing his annoyance with the photographers, but immediately regains his sense of humor as he alludes to the Rolling Stones' giant inflatable penis pulsating above the stage.

As the set continues, the group eases into an entrancing take on "Before The Beginning," the song that concluded their newest album at the time, Then Play On. With his guitar heavily drenched in reverb, this smoldering blues proves that Green was one of the only British guitar players still developing and expanding on the range of the blues genre.

Fleetwood Mac

It perfectly captures just how close the two guitarists had grown musically, now capable of soloing in unison as well as triggering off each other. Another Then Play On track follows, with Danny Kirwan fronting the group for "Only You," a heavily rhythmic exercise featuring some brief but impressive improvisation. With the group thoroughly warmed up, Peter Green again moves to the forefront for a mindbending workout on "Green Manalishi. Here they exorcize the demons through shrieking guitars and a pummeling rhythm courtesy of McVie and Fleetwood.

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After the initial vocal section, the band blazes into a ferocious jam featuring plenty of Green's highly original wah-wah guitar work, before everyone but Green and Fleetwood drop out. Green takes the opportunity to solo on six-string bass, while Fleetwood maintains a relentless roll on his hi-hat. Clocking in at nearly 15 minutes, this clearly shows the more free-form direction that Green was heading.

This sizzling slow blues features an emotive vocal and delicious guitar work that features great nuance and style. This is a superb example of the slow burn style that established Green's early reputation and the stuff that inspired no less than B. King himself to refer to Green as "the only man to ever make me sweat. Here Mick Fleetwood literally propels the group with a relentless and continuous roll on his tom-toms, occasionally accented with cymbal crashes. Fleetwood and McVie, along with Spencer adding additional rhythmic support on maracas, provide a propulsive backing that inspires a rhythmically based jam from Green and Kirwan.

Jeremy Spencer then steps back up to change the set's texture with his spot-on reconstruction of Elmore James "Stranger Blues," followed by a frantic take on Fabian's "Tiger. As the group heads toward the finish line, they pummel the audience with a rip-roaring "Rattlesnake Shake" that heads directly for the stratosphere. This is a fierce and forceful performance that soon veers off into a blazing jam featuring outstanding interplay between Kirwan and Green.

When the initial creativity begins waning, they impressively transition into the instrumental, "Underway. With the audience shouting for more, Green signals to close with "Albatross," which appropriately enough was the first studio recording to feature this lineup of the group two years earlier. On this spiritual note, the group delivers a lovely version of this classic instrumental. Taken at a slow and deliberate tempo here, "Albatross" is a perfect example of less is more, with Green playing wonderfully delicate lead over McVie and Fleetwood's infectious floating groove.

Green's restraint, combined with Kirwan's perfect unison lead lines, makes this performance enormously effective. Green again squeezes deep emotion out of every note. Needless to say, the audience isn't prepared to let them go. Amidst the shouts for more, Green can be heard asking for requests and inquiring if the audience would like to dance. Receiving an enthusiastic response, the band launches into a deliciously reckless take on Little Richard's hit, "Jenny Jenny.

Much the same can be said for the second encore; yet another hit for Little Richard,"Keep A-Knockin'.

Coming Your Way, a song by Fleetwood Mac on Spotify

Four minutes later they all bring the night to a crashing close amidst relentless shouting for more. Spencer joined the aforementioned cult and all but disappeared.

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  • Issued on a minor league label and unsupported by any live performances, they quickly sank without a trace. All three were reissued on CD in Japan in , with Second Chapter getting a limited release two years later. The first two efforts are well worth a further listen.

    "COMING YOUR WAY" - Rattlesnake Shake:Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band

    The final one Guitar aficionados take note. Kirwan had great tastes in his instruments.

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    No cause of death has been announced as of this writing, but given his prolonged absence and personal problems, it may not have been entirely unexpected. Thank you, Danny Kirwan.

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    You will forever be missed! More about: Fleetwood Mac. Lee Zimmerman 11th June Outside Efforts With Inside Assists Even as Kirwan found success within their ranks, his ambitions took him farther afield and into the realms of session work. An Axe Arsenal Guitar aficionados take note.

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