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The only option that has worked so far is NeoOffice. Would very much prefer OOo or Word. Any suggestions? Baher Esmat: Thanks for sharing! On my mac, it worked from the beginning, and with a standard font. So thank you. As a general rule, any open-source application comes in a ton of languages.

Especially with software that boasts such an immense community behind it, language will never be a problem. Not only can you install the Arabic version of GIMP, but you can also install the standard English version, and then type in Arabic inside. Therefore, when you change the flag in the bar across the type to the Arabic language flag thus changing the input to the Arabic keyboard , X11 recognizes that and lets you write in Arabic in any of the applications that are running on it in this case, GIMP.

It can open Word files fairly well, but mostly works with rtf. It might even be a better option than OpenOffice. Thanks for putting this information together. I was able to get an Arabic doc to display correctly using it! You are a genuis!! Thank you for showing me how to set up the Arabic document on my new Macbook. I just spent 40 min. Thank you for your generosity! Mona: Thanks for your kind words! Glad I could be of help.

I say that because the huge majority of representatives working for the Apple resellers in Egypt are well aware of the Arabization process. In fact, when they sell you a MacBook, they offer bootleg copies of all the software you can think of, and help set them up and get your new laptop to work in Arabic!

Arabic Fonts

I use mac os x There are other programs available that you can use. I recommend OpenOffice. I am using NeoOffice 3. By some miracle it worked for a bit with Arabic numbers then back again to Hindi. Any systematic way it could work? So in fact, the correct and standard way of writing Arabic would include Hindi numbers.

Tulisan JAWI dalam MACBOOK !! (update 2018)

Let us know how it goes. Some of them are rather for Farsi, but they work great for Arabic scripting, and they all have italics, bold, and bold italics. Even if I have left aligned and the writing is right-to-left Arabic script, the Arabic numbers come up to the left, which makes everything less professional.

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Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. Can I install the trial ME version of Illustrator in addition to the version I already have installed or will that cause problems do you think? Also I heard from a not very reliable source that CS5 now supports Arabic.

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Presumably that is not true? I tried after reading your post. I used both TextEdit and OpenOffice. So I just aligned my Arabic text to the right. The only hint that I was in selection mode was the cursor disappearing from the screen when using the mouse. On the other hand, when using the keyboard to move into the text or to select text, it looks like nothing happens, but it does. Well if you find something that helps with numbering and bullet points etc, pls do post something. MANY, many thanks! I am an Arabic student at the University and I could not have used my computer for study without this aid.

I would like to add the following fonts that also work nicely and join the arabic letters; damascus and Abadi MT condensed light and Abadi MT condensed Extra Bold.

Traditional Arabic

Only problem I see with spread sheet is how to get column A to appear on the right of the screen? Thanks you all have been a big help. You manually choose to type right-to-left and is very fluent. I have a keyboard with only a latin layout meaning no Arabic letters drawn on the keys. So for shakl in general, you have to type the letter first, then the shakl.

Could you please suggest a method. Thank you. Intellark is a novel and smart way to typing in Arabic and Urdu. It is designed for multilingual keyboard typists to exploit and transfer their typing knowledge and speed from left-to-right languages to Arabic and vice versa. Learn it now and use it for your next write up. Hi Tarek, am trying yo open a pdf in Arabic from a website, but macbook pro will not do it — garbled. Greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks much. Thanx a lot Tarek! You simply saved my life! I spent a lot of time dealing with the arabic language issue on my mac until I found your blog. Thank you abdurrahman gemei!!! A caveat: this system can go awry when you are dealing with heavily formatted documents, and large files that are slow to upload and process in Drive.

If you are still running into issues with Google Drive, there are a few more options you can try:. The Google work-around is best for smallish files with light formatting. But what if you have a spreadsheet, Powerpoint presentation or Word file with more involved formatting? In this case, your best bet may be to install one of the handful of Office clones that are out there for Mac, many of which have much better Arabic support than Microsoft. Our top recommendation for this is the NeoOffice suite.

It contains full-featured word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software that is able to work with MS Office file formats. For a wide range of basic documents, this is an ideal choice. The Office clones can get problematic, however, if you are working with heavily formatted documents or doing back-and-forth revisions with someone using MS Office.

After much frustration with options A thru C, I finally decided it was time to do the unthinkable: install Windows and Office for Windows on my Mac. When you are working professionally on Office documents in Arabic that require a good deal of formatting, or multiple rounds of revisions etc the only foolproof way to avoid glitches is to run the standard Office for Windows, which fully supports Arabic. The only way to do this is to first install the Windows operating system on your Mac. Thanks for reading! We can provide a personalized quote within 20 minutes during business hours.

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Fonts don't really matter for this. Then choose Arabic in the "flag" menu at the top right of the screen and type. An Arabic font is automatically used.

Then check the box for Arabic and select a character and you can see all the fonts that have it. Is there a way to type where the letter s join, to create one word as a traditional writing sense. Versus individual characters. Jun 1, PM. Jun 1, PM in response to pminister In response to pminister. Yes, use any other app except MS Word. After 14 years still cannot do Arabic.

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