Usb games controller for mac

Xbox 360 controller

The Xbox One controller is one of the finest handheld controllers on the market. No hard edges, everything is in easy rich, comfortable with any hand size, and intuitively laid out.

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Connecting an Xbox One Controller to your Mac is not quite as easy. Wireless functionality is fortunately spotty on the Mac. Microsoft will help you figure out which version you have. Those controls have the correct Bluetooth transmitter in them, and macOS will automatically support the connection.

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  • We were not able to test the functionality for this post. In every other case, the Xbox control needs to be connected with a wire to work. As of now, this is the only way to connect an Xbox One controller to the Mac. It does require macOS Do not connect the controller yet. If you do not have the controller connected, connect it now via micro USB cable.

    The image on the controller will react to the buttons you press on your controller.

    How to Connect a Bluetooth Game Controller to your MacBook Pro | Tom's Guide Forum

    To test the connection, press a few buttons on your controller and make sure they show up on the preference pane. Once the Xbox One controller is connected to your Mac successfully, you can set some options to make the controller easier to use.

    On the front page you can selectively adjust joystick operation. The main option is to invert either the X or Y axis of the controller. In short, inverting the controls means you press the stick upward to look down like you might expect in a flight simulator. This page should allow you to adjust which button does what action.


    And the Wii controller? Any chance? I suggest the controler, there are great tutorials on how to set it up It's probably the games fault though since it works perfectly in Steam in Big Game Mode via Bluetooth. It works with few of my games on Steam. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I've been surprised how much trouble I've had with this. I was told everything was easy with a Mac and always worked perfectly.

    How to connect game controllers to your Mac

    One thing that didn't work for me was using a generic wired PS3 controller. I couldn't get it to do anything but rumble, which it did for as long as it was plugged in. Hopefully I'll have more success with the wireless version. If I try to plug it in, it will only charge the device but won't register it unless I disable bluetooth.

    The best console controllers for playing games on a Mac

    Yeah I have had problems with both xbox and ps3 controllers. I have read that a lot companies are now building in ps4 controller support. Minden jog fenntartva.