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Across his career, Mac was constantly presented as a man evolving , and in the wake of his passing, people are finally beginning to ask: Who else was Mac Miller? The anxious mind is equal parts convincing and nightmarish, producing vivid and physically stunting thoughts that suck the oxygen out of a room.

Mac Miller Covers Billy Joel’s “Vienna”

The anxious mind operates on a haphazard and wholly inconsiderate timetable and moves with the precision of a killer. To be a killer, you must train like one, and following the release of Watching Movies , Mac Miller went into his own mental dungeon to record under the pitched-up and horrorcore-influenced Delusional Thomas moniker. To escape his own despair, Mac Miller adopted the alter ego known as Delusional Thomas. The tape is riddled with grotesque imagery and mentions of torture and murder.

Delusional Thomas, as an identity and the project itself, was about voice. His image from to had changed so drastically, the transference of energy from sets of expectations would be enough to make any living person want to scream. So Mac Miller screamed until he became Delusional Thomas, until the delirium from being lightheaded made him sound like he took a helium toke, and Miller took himself deep into a desperate and dank hollow of his psyche.

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The terror of Delusional Thomas allowed Faces to be an equally abstract, but more true-to-life exploration of self. Delusional Thomas was the wanton explosion that allowed Mac Miller to enter into a phase of controlled burns.

Mac Miller - Guidelines (prod. Thelonious Martin)

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