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You must be logged in to post a comment. Get the latest security news, full analysis of the newest computer threats, and easy-to-use prevention tips. Subscribe to 2-spyware. Adware Ransomware Browser hijacker Mac viruses Trojans. Add comment. Ask a question. Do you actually need Open Download Manager? Reimage is recommended to remove virus damage. Free scanner allows you to check whether your PC is infected or not. If you need to remove malware, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage malware removal tool. Alternative Software.

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Different security software includes different virus database. Open Download Manager snapshot. Ask us a question Post a comment. Connect with:. Folx is a decent download manager for Mac with features quite similar to that of IDM. It supports resume of interrupted downloads along with download acceleration by downloading simultaneously from multiple connections.

The free version of the app can download files from 2 threads. If you have high speed internet, you can upgrade to the Pro version for supporting up to 10 simultaneous connections. The agent allows you to catch download links from web pages, while the extensions add options like download all, download selected, and download with Folx, in the right-click menu of the respective browser. After the Folx agent and extension have been installed, you may revert back the above setting to its earlier selected option.

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The app can sort downloaded content according to different tags assigned to them. The tags created with Folx will also be available globally across the Mac. Thus, you can search for downloaded files using tags on Finder or Spotlight Search. Folx supports torrent downloads both from. And with Folx PRO, you get torrent search integrated right within the application. Alternatively, if you want to take full advantage of Folx, we recommend you to buy the Folx PRO license from the official website.

Download Shuttle is a free download manager for Mac that supports download acceleration. Like Folx, it can resume interrupted downloads, and supports multi-segmented up to 6 segments downloads for greater download speeds. Download Shuttle has a simple and minimalistic UI with very few configurable settings.

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For adding a download link, you can click on the Add button at the top right corner or drag and drop links into the application window. While adding a new download, you can set the download file name and location, along with the number of simultaneous segments to download from. The app also has browser extensions for Chrome and Safari , which add some extra options download all, download selected, etc. Download Shuttle is available for free on the Mac App Store , and is a great free alternative if download acceleration is your key requirement.

Progressive Downloader is a full-featured download manager, complete with support for resuming interrupted downloads, multi-threaded downloading, download sorting, browser integration, etc. With built-in mirror search feature, the app tries to find mirrors for large files.

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  4. This function, together with multi-thread downloading, allows user to download files faster as every thread can use its own server. One drawback of this app, however, is that by default, it only downloads a particular file from 3 simultaneous threads. It supports integration with Safari and Chrome browsers using an Interceptor plugin. Apple Mac OS is one of the secure operating system for laptops and computers. Like Windows and Linux, you can not easily install 3rd party softwares on your system or Download stuffs directly. Download Manager is an important need of every web user, particularly in these areas where net downloading speed is quite less.

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    Among the best feature of the downloadmanager has power to pause and application downloads once you want. Not just this, these internet download manager also increases downloads by accessing using parallel computers for one download. Folx is an internet download manager for Mac that enables you to download files from the Internet faster and easier than any web-browser. The Folx app resumes broken downloads, splits the content into multiple threads while downloading and allows you to optimize the download speed.

    Manage and speed-up downloads with Folx downloader (15% off) – The Graphic Mac

    So even if your download stops due to internet connection disruption, it resumes as soon as a secure internet connection is established. The received content is stored and sorted in a very convenient way, by tags. Say bye to tiresome searching and looking up for the downloaded content, refine your searches by tags.

    Folx allows you to assign as many tags as you feel like to a downloaded file, so it is easy to search for particular items. Clicking a tag in the Tags panel will bring up a list of the files marked with the tag. Easy and convenient, right? You can tell Folx what type of files are to be downloaded automatically. To increase speed download for Mac Folx splits content by downloaded it into threads.

    Broken downloads are resumed right where you left off.

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    A compact view of our downloader for Mac is provided by Mini-controller. Folx is a free torrent client for Mac that has all the necessary functionality download torrent content and find torrent files shared through the Bit Torrent network. The app allows you to prioritize torrent tasks, regulate download speed and torrents distribution, assign tags to downloaded files to make their search easier and much more. The latest Folx version also supports magnet links.