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Regarding hard-drive: When your budget allows it, then buy 2 hard-drives. One SSD where you install the operating system and one big normal hard-drive for your data.

You will be surprised what a difference this makes because one of the often underestimated bottlenecks is the transfer of data from the hard-drive to the RAM during startup. As a final note: If you don't want to build your computer from pieces but rather like to buy a complete system, then just go for a good gamer pc. They usually have exactly the properties of a very good computer, because, well, they need to be power-horses to run today's games. Mathematica comes with benchmarking tools to help you with this problem.

For example, the code below gives me a report I have found that Mathematica responds most to raw CPU clock speed. More functions are parallelized in recent versions but my non-hyperthreading iK CPU released Q1 still seems to outperform many newer and more expensive units because of the clock. I usually run at 4. After that I would rate RAM as important as Mathematica can easily consume a lot but that is probably more specific to the kind of data and problems one works on.

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I have been using Mathematica on a Mac since late and have enjoyed the experience. Recently, I had my older Macbook Pro mid model replaced due to graphics card failure. Mathematica ran perfectly fine on the older hardware. I now have a 15" Macbook Pro with Intel Core i7, 2.

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I must say I like the performance on the new system. These are my benchmark results Based on a comment made by Mr. Wizard, I ran the benchmarks three more times using a single kernel and got the same result each time 2. I may not be answering Mr. Wizard's question directly, because I will need to generate code to run tests for shorter durations and limited threads counts.

So, I am sticking with the internal Mathematica benchmark routines. I ran the tests using more kernels to take advantage of the intrinsic parallelization of Mathematica. This most likely is not a good Apple to Apple comparison to the other systems listed Results using two kernels LaunchKernels[2] prior to running the BenchmarkReport[]. I got the following results 2. To follow up I ran the same benchmarks using 4 kernels LaunchKernels[4].

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Buying a new computer specifically for Mathematica Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 8 months ago.

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Active 4 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 10k times. Kim Fierens. Kim Fierens Kim Fierens 9 9 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. For some, parallel processing typically with four processors can achieve a speed-up of three or so. Thus, a four-core CPU might make good sense. Since memory is cheap, get 8 Gig in any case. I'm also intersted in the Mac Pro but can only justify it if it's going to substantially improve execution time and can do ParallelCombine etc across multi-cores.

But it really is a very broad question which I don't believe has a unique answer. You might want to keep the macbook air for the front end and run the kernel elsewhere? It always follows this kind of graph: So when you buy the second best processor which is already very very good, then buying the best one will probably cost you much much more, although the speed increase is not really noticeable. Wizard Never needed it since other things need way more time than I could get back by tweaking the overclocking e. I turned it on for you and uploaded a new benchmark which came from 4.

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That CPU is the big brother to mine so it should be faster. I think you'll find 4.


You get similar but unlocked hardware with different drivers for a multiple of the price with under the Quadro brand name which is specifically designed for enterprise use. Wizard for older GeForce models you could make the Quadro drivers work after a fashion but last time I took a closer look about three years ago there were purportedly hardware blocks in place. You can still do CUDA, but not with the same number of cores that are available for rendering. Again, info may be dated, but Quadros are still ridiculously expensive, so I expect no substantial changes.

I just did a benchmark for my own system. I have been wanting a new laptop for a long time. But I am a poor student. Most of the time, I just use the server from my university. As you can see the hardware is different; they just happened to have Linux with that hardware. Focus on the hardware. Dec 20 '14 at Wizard and Halirutan battle it out for biggest CPU on the block, we can fight for the low end. I ran the full benchmark on the RPi once, and it takes about 60 minutes. Wizard k 29 29 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Wizard's or Halituran's machines are difficult to beat.

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