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Though these are all stand-alone applications you also might want to take a look at the free mobile apps from Adobe.

They include:. Also don't forget there are also mobile apps from SketchGuru, Skitch , and a number of other Android and iOS imaging apps such as Instagram which gives you the ability to play with images by applying a variety of preset effects and filters to your images. The key decision behind using any imaging application lies with what the requirements are for the task at hand.

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You need to closely research the product and get really clear on both the product's strengths and its weaknesses. Also, take the time to look at the work others have created with the product. For example, if you are looking to create simple graphics or to touch up family photos, then an application without a serious number of filters and effects may just fit the bill. On the other hand, if you want to do compositing and add effects then a limited feature set may not be ideal for your needs.

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Also, it is important that you check out whether the application has been updated recently. A lack of updates is the first clue that this software may just be on its last legs. Also just doing a simple Google or Bing search around the application will tell you volumes.

Part 2. Other Top 9 Awesome Mac Photo Editor

For example, Picassa, one of the apps mentioned in this piece has been withdrawn. It would be a good stepping stone for a move onto a more powerful photo editor, though it's likely to offer more than enough functionality for a large number of users. Trying to decide which is the best photo editor of OS X is a matter of determining which one does the best job of reaching various compromises. All in all, we have to conclude that GIMP offers the best overall compromise. The fact that it is free means that absolutely anyone with an internet connection can use it.

While it isn't the most powerful or best-featured app, it is near the top. Despite that, though, novice users can also use GIMP for simple jobs, without having to embark on the steep learning curve to make full use of every feature. Finally, with the ability to install plugins, it is possible that if GIMP doesn't do what you want it to, someone else may have already produced a plugin that will take care of it. Share Pin Email. Experienced graphic designer and web developer with a strong interest in free and open-source graphics software.

Mac Photo Editor from Movavi: Create Flawless Visuals

Updated August 02, Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our. Preview is another free app and the best for Mac users if you need to do only basic editing to your photos. Preview is available inbuilt in the all Mac operating systems so there is no need to install any additional application to use it. This is easy to use and easily adjust photo size, brightness, change the file formats etc.

Photopea is an online web application that allows you to edit the photos in your browser directly without installing any software on your computer. The interface of this web app looks like the Photoshop and mostly all tools are available what you see in the Photoshop interface.

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Polarr is another online web photo editor app for the Mac operating system and other devices. You can access this web application by using any of your favorite browsers but mostly it is compatible with the chrome. There are thousands of tools available and cost of using the website is very affordable. You need to create a free account at first for start using the website. FunPhotoBox is totally free photo editor software with plenty of photo editing options. This web application allows you to create a number of funny pictures and apply creative effects on your photos with ease without much efforts and any installation.

With the all above photo editors for Mac you can quickly do changes to your photos to make them beautiful. There are plenty of other Mac software and apps also available in the online market for computer, Mac, iOS and Android devices but these are few best program and apps. As per our research and recommendation we would like you to go for the Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit for Mac program as this is super easy and produce the output in high quality as compared to the all other software and apps.

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