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About this post. Related content. You can reenable it at any by following the above instructions and substituting csrutil enable in for the Terminal command. This one was driving me nuts. In El Capitan, you can now move Spotlight to wherever you want , which is great, but also means it pops up wherever you left it last.

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If you prefer to have a little more normalcy in your life, you can send Spotlight back to its default location by clicking and holding the Spotlight icon the magnifying glass in the menu bar. Mission Control no longer groups windows together by app, which in most cases is really nice, because you get a better view of exactly what you have open. However, if you want the old behavior back, where your thumbnails are stacked, it only requires changing one setting.

When you wiggle your mouse in El Capitan, it gets bigger so you can easily find it on the screen. With every new operating system comes the headache of updating your apps.

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This document explains SIP-specific steps. You must boot into the Recovery OS.

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Then select Terminal from the Utilities menu. It looks like this:.

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In the window that opens, type csrutil disable and press return. Reboot your machine and you may install and run the latest version of TotalFinder. Once TotalFinder is installed and you have run it for the first time so it has a chance to install its system component , then you may turn SIP back on. Reboot, and you are done. In order to change some features of Finder, we use a technique called code injection.

XtraFinder add Tabs, Dual Panel, and numerous features to Mac's native Finder

This means we add some additional code to the Finder program whilst it is running to do what we need. This is relatively safe - in fact we do not change any part of macOS on the disk. However, in El Capitan and later the macOS developers added a feature that disallows this kind of modification even if you have administrator access. It will also disallow other kinds of modifications such as replacing parts of the system on disk.