Apple mac pro benchmarks 2013

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I spoke to Apple about that and they still willing to hep, even after I changed my processor myself. My with updated processors scores 30k in 64bit benchmarks. You can consider upgrading to the can for better single core performance… but even the iMacs are outperfoming the iCan in this area. Creatives who aren't cheapskates understand this. Perhaps for hobbyists the case is stronger for a Hackintosh build. I'll wait for benchmarks on a non-beta OS with optimizations.

These stats aren't worth the bits that store them. Seems that this benchmark is the precice reason why Apple decided to re-focus on graphics cards. There is simply not much progress in CPU power lately. And simply putting more cores into the system will also not have the desired effect, as there is a diminishing return of investment in terms of core numbers; at least for desktop software.

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Servers and number crunching super computers might benefit from increasing the number of cores, but not so much a computer that is used for e. Maybe, in the end, we will get some kind of cluster solution, and hopefully, that solution will somehow include the GPUs of several Mac Pros as well. People who want a new Mac Pro will buy a new Mac Pro and tell us all about how amazing it is and how they just can't work with "Windoze" and how it's so much more powerful than anything else.

The rest of us will carry on using the best solution our wallets and accountants can afford. As usual you should consider the premium you pay for a much more refined and dependable Os really integrated with the hardware. Purely speculation I'd agree with you 3 years ago, however times have changed. Though the Mac will perform nicely I'm sure, there's many of us who made the switch and haven't looked back.

My windows unit is just as stable as any Mac I ever owned and still more powerful. Horses for courses of course but if you don't want to spend unnecessary cash and need a more powerful unit from the looks of it a soild built windows unit is the only way to go. I will add that I'm talking about editing video. I don't use my machine to surf the web, only for updates. I was speaking in terms of video editing software with premiere pro in mind.

For all my other computing and web based stuff I use my mac air or iPad. For that purpose alone I agree you can't beat a mac for that. Yes but specifically for video editing look at a company in Kentucky, ADK. There's a guy there Eric Bowmen and he'll get you set and you'll never look back. And they know macs too. Just figured I'd share in case anyone is looking for a pc now that the mac pro is released.

Great company. Actually, most people who buy a Mac Pro or any Mac probably don't spend their time caring about whether or not you use a PC. Funny how Windows users are always in mac forums writing how better their machines are compared to apple. Buy that crapif you want. I had problems with each Apple product I purchased. I only continued ti buy because of FCP. Since new version FCP X and no upgrades of pro apps,. I decided, I will not continue to be a donkey that gives money to Apple share holders Good luck.

Let's leave the hardware out of this..

Apple Mac Pro: Unboxing, Overview, & Benchmarks

I switched back to pc after the release of fcpx and built a badass machine. It hasn't been perfect I've had multiple issues with premiere but it's just as fast as our editor's mac pro and was half the price. Meaning yes they make nice computers with a more stable and intuitive operating system, but their products are still overpriced and you get more value for your dollar if you build your own machine. One of the biggest reasons they are so stable is because hackers don't bother making viruses for them because they control such a small share of the market.

It's a better virus making time investment to just go after windows lol. But actually a friend of mine had a virus crash his macbook a couple weeks ago Actually I'm just upset because I should have gotten a mac instead. Me stupid Mac user since Me no understanding idiotic benchmark with impressive numbers Me want CS6 and all dependents work flawless and fast and no fucking " your application quits, send report to Apple"!. That's it that's all! Why are you even posting this? Unconfirmed benchmark scores that don't even have GPU, which is the one component we filmmakers care about?

Skip to main content. No Film School. June 20, These Geekbench specs and results were recently uploaded , and they seem to suggest hardware that is currently not available to the public adding validity to this rumor courtesy of MacRumors : It should be noted that these are not really utilizing the GPU, so the improvements in a test like this will be minimal. Either way, what do you guys think? YouTube reviewers Marques Brownlee and Jonathan Morrison have each shared hands-on videos of the iMac Pro , and put its CPU performance to the test with benchmarks on Geekbench , which simulates real-world workload scenarios.

Mac Pro Benchmarks Supposedly Leak Ahead of Late 2013 Release

In both videos, the mid-range iMac Pro with a core 3. The core iMac Pro is also up to 93 percent faster than the latest inch 5K iMac with top-of-the-line tech specs. Apple said the iMac Pro can be configured with an even faster core Xeon processor, so the core benchmarks aren't even the peak. The core iMac Pro will unquestionably be the fastest Mac ever by an almost unimaginable margin.

With four Thunderbolt 3 ports, the iMac Pro can drive two external 5K displays or four 4K displays at 60Hz simultaneously. Apple has yet to provide exact pricing details on a configuration-by-configuration basis. Related Roundup: iMac Pro. Buyer's Guide: iMac Pro Neutral. Top Rated Comments View all.

Comparing tech to tech Great job macrumors!!

Apple's New 8-Core Mac Pro Shows Up in Benchmarks - MacRumors

I know right? Seems pretty unfair. Almost as unfair as still selling that tech as new product in Ok, not really.

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Apples prices sometime are just insane. Configured with a core Xeon 2. Every year computers get faster who knew ;-. Then add a keyboard, mouse, operating system, iPhoto, iMovie, iWork, etc, etc. Princess Cake.