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How to make mouse double click work in Mac OSX

But it still gives her Mission Control. I have Snow Leopard so I couldn't be of much help. Posted on Apr 25, AM. Apr 25, AM in response to macjsus In response to macjsus. All the different USB input device makers usually have software or drivers or a special system preferences panel that needs to be installed that is used to control the behaviour of the mouse. Apr 25, AM. It is Logitech ex and I checked the site, they do not make drivers for Mac.

My mouse is an Amazon Prime Mouse and it doesn't have any drivers either but on my computer it works fine and I have Snow Leopard, so I figure it has to be a Mavericks thing. You might try it. Page content loaded. You using a mouse that is NOT Mac compatible.

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It will work for basic functionality, but will not be able to assign the mouse buttons to the specific functions you need it to do. Both Logitech and Microsoft make mice that work specifically with the Mac, but not all their mice products are Mac compatible. Thanks I looked up the mouse and it was windows only, I didnt know they had a spereate section for Mac drivers.

It works. Yes, setting up right-click is easy How to Right-Click on a Mac Trackpad How to Right-Click on a Mac Trackpad In this article, we'll show you how to right-click on a Mac trackpad and how to tweak the settings to your liking.

When I try to use the middle mouse button, the game does not respond as expected. Why?

Not so much. If you want to be able to middle click with three fingers on a Mac trackpad, you need to download MiddleClick. You can grab it for free.

Unzip the file and drag it to your applications folder. Next, return to your Applications folder and launch the MiddleClick app.

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Finally, you need to set MiddleClick to run at login. Highlight your username and click on the Login items tab. Have you used MiddleClick, or do you prefer using more complex alternatives? You can leave all your opinions and questions in the comments sections below.

Assign a Primary and a Secondary Mouse Click in the System Preferences

If the options to enable or disable Mouse Keys via the option key was checked, pressing the option key five times will also turn off Mouse Keys. The Division of. Enter your search terms. Click on the Mouse tab.

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Check the radio button labeled On in the Mouse Keys section Figure 1. Figure 2.