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With its powerful batch conversion function, you can easily convert video to the same or different output video formats with only one conversion. Then you can enjoy and edit Blu-ray movies anytime and anywhere.

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You have a total of approximately formats at your disposal. The comprehensive toolkit will help you dealing with all Blu-ray issues and video converting issues in a few steps. Advanced Settings.

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Blu-ray Player for Mac or Windows. Skip to content. Perfect high definition sound and wonderful effect Apart from the fantastic and high definition video image, you would also pay close attention to the surround sound when watching Blu-ray movie on wide screen at home. Capture Pictures Capture your favorite pictures while the process of previewing.

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Is that the best software to use to play Blu-Ray discs? I would love to get my college student daughter a Blu-Ray drive, so that she can play those discs on her Mac Mini, rather than have to deal with a whole big regular Blu-Ray player, changing her connections, etc. Feb 4, AM.

Jul 3, PM in response to jhank In response to jhank. Its all well and good for Apple to decide to be in the future now, but here I sit with the Harry Potter Blue Ray discs in , and my mac 17", 8Gigs of Ram, Mac Book Pro wondering why such an expensive machine can't do such a simple function. Nothing prevents Apple from shipping blue ray drives with their mac while they're busy phasing out optical drives.

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One of the reasons I buy mac is so that I don't have to worry about this kind of crap. They are the "it just works" company.

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Blue-ray DVD players come standard on most intel based laptops. Apple likely has a snitch about royalties or some such. Jul 3, PM. Sorry, but that is a lame reply Zyriab - I know that Apple's plans are for all online downloads of everything, but since not everyone has great online speed at this point in time millions in the US alone , this goal will be impossible for at least several years to come. Thus, while I have always considered them ahead of the curve on a lot of things, they missed the curve here with Blu Ray - it should be standard that all Macs after play Blu Ray when they won the "war" on media.

It is not a good thing when Apple trys to dictate to everyone else just how ALL media should be, instead of looking around and seeing how real people live in the real world - and meeting the needs of their customers here and now - while still pushing ahead. I love Apple, but here and there they miss the mark - and here with Blu Ray HD, they really missed the target all together.

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Oct 13, PM. Oct 19, PM in response to jhank In response to jhank. We live in an area where we have really fast cable modem service from Cox cable at an outrageous price if you odn't bundle the phone and TV service with it but at least it's fast.

Mac Blu-ray Player

I also know Apple is moving to an all digital download world. Sadly, now the options are replace the superdrive in my iMac 27' and void the warranty in the process of course, then buy and install a blueray player software, then get them to talk to each other well enough to actually work. By the time I got round to buying the extra software, being a Mac Junkie since way back - I was already disappointed. That's NOT the Apple way. To be forced to buy additonal hardware, more software, and then hope they all will work together without interfering or messing something else up - sounds more and more like Windows than the Mac OS we all know and love.

Hey Apple: how about developing a Blue-Ray player which should be a simple upgrade to your existing player module. I'll pop for the extra hardware if I must, but could you at least give us a list of what's been tested by Apple and vetted and is known to work like it's supposed to? Yes, we'll all be downloading our minds back-up in anohter ten years. But until then, admit that you're not going to see all digital media in the US for a few more years. And you might as well put the drives in the computers that actually work and play current formats like Blue Ray and regular DVD's and DVD's with data on them vs a movie.

Mac Blu-ray Player

Oct 19, PM. Oct 24, AM. Apple, across the board, is eliminating all optical drives in all of their new laptop and desktop products. Apple would have had to, somehow, implement a writable drive that included reading and writing of Blu-ray Discs, too!