Wacky mac tomato basil salad

Now it's time to get back into spaghetti squash, I think, and your recipe is the perfect reminder. That's almost exactly what I made for dinner last night home-grown and all - except that I also added some black olives and garbanzo beans.

Multigrain Mac and Cheese with Creamy Tomato-Basil Sauce

I love spaghetti squash As for the strands My sister Ruth and I made the sweet potato salad. We just kind of winged it We made the dressing but didn't use it I may post the photo only on my blog Saturday as we put it on a bed of fresh romaine lettuce and it looked pretty, though my food photography leaves much to be desired. I think it is the lighting, any suggestions? Spagetti squash sounds great. I have not seen it at our farmers' market. More homegrown goodies? I just got to my parents' house and we have tomatoes galore. Sounds delicious, Alanna--and a lovely photo.

A couple of questions, though. First, if the squash doesn't offer much flavor, what does it bring to the party? Also, I've read warnings about using plastic wrap in a microwave--I've tried researching it, but with less than definitive answers.

A Veggie Venture

What's your take on this? Keep those veggies fresher, longer! I want to let you know about a cool new product that I've discovered. It's called the Mini Mate, this product is placed in your fridge and uses activated oxygen to kill bacteria and eliminate odors, keeping food fresh longer. If you are like me I like to buy fresh veggies and fruit but hate to throw things away because organic foods don't have any chemicals or preservatives to help them stay fresh.

I love saving money and knowing that the germs and bacteria that may be in my fridge are being eliminated, keeping me and my family healthier. This product is about 5 inches in size and runs on D batteries so all you have to do is put it in the back of your fridge and let it work. I ordered mine at orderminimate dot com! Thanks for reading! I love spaghetti squash, but I never, never cook it long enough and it's always crunchy. Very frustrating. I got pretty tired of it a while ago, so I started oven roasting it instead of cooking it in the microwave It has a nice roasted flavor then and much better texture I bet it'd work with kids?

Love your additions, for sure! Maybe I need to work on that, 'treating' it like pasta. Lucky you! No, not flavor, but it's easy to cook and has virtually no calories.

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On the plastic wrap, I've also seen some alarmist-type stuff but nothing that persuaded me. If anyone's concerned, luckily, there's the oven option. Please, no spam. For my high school graduation party my poor mom had to call caterer after caterer in search of mayo AND meat-free pasta salad options. This reminds me that I probably owe her a 9-year-late apology. I like carbs, I like creamy things, I like eating outside, and pasta salad usually involves all those things. Clearly the conclusion here is that I need to just make my own and stop whining.

The pasta and sauce would be great on their own, but I added some Great Northern beans for protein and texture, red cabbage and onion for some crunch and color, feta for a bit of tang, and some tomatoes to complement the sun-dried tomato dressing. Even if you like those mayo-based salads, you need to give this simple and healthy version a try. Perfect for picnics, pot lucks, or nights dining al fresco. Drain and rinse with cold water. In a food processor, pulse together the sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and basil until mostly smooth.

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  • Add the Greek yogurt, salt and pepper, and cayenne, and pulse until it's incorporated with the sun-dried tomatoes and spices. Slowly add the olive oil while the processor is running. In a large bowl, combine the pasta, veggies, beans, feta, and dressing. Stir until all ingredients are evenly distributed.

    Top each serving with some fresh basil leaves for garnish. Optional: drizzle with hot sauce for some extra kick!

    A fresh, flavorful and super healthy pasta salad completely void of the jiggly ingredients? Summer picnics here I come!

    Italian Pasta Salad

    Even though I have a love affair with mayonnaise, I adore your pasta salad! This looks like something I need to try.. I love everything about it! What about vegan mayonaisse? Like the one you make out of soymilk and oil, does that gross you out? Also, Cooking Light has often come up with great potato salads that have simple herb-oil combinations.

    This looks delicious.