Update mac os x 10.6.8 to 10.7.5

Apple no longer send updates to my MacBook.

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In the case of one website, I get an onscreen message stating that I need to upgrade my browser before I can access the site. Can anything be done about this or am I stuck with a MacBook that is becoming less and less usable? I have an older iMac and I was using I updated to Can't remember off the top of my head the exact steps I took to upgrade but someone on here will outline the steps you can take to 'modernize' your MacBook.

Don't despair, you've come to the right place.

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  • Now i've just got to work out how! Posted 26 July - PM. Download it from the App Store. Posted 28 July - AM. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this hasn't helped, the only upgrade that seems to be available in the App Store is High Sierra which is only compatible with version Posted 28 July - PM. Ah that looks promising, i think that should solve it. Thank you very much. Posted 29 July - PM. I've now been able to update to El Capitan, so the problem is solved.

    Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

    Thank you again for posting the correct link. Posted 31 July - PM.

    Como actualizar tu mac de 10.6 A OS X Lion 10.7.5 con link.

    I don't know if Sierra would be better, i've heard some negativity about it. I'm content using El Capital because it does everything I need it to do, with no complaints. If you do go to Sierra, would you check back in here after awhile to let us know how it's going? You've raised a good point there, i've also heard a few moans about Sierra, so i'm now in two minds about updating to it. If i do then yes i'll come back on here and say how it's going. El Capitan is doing everything that i need so really the only reason to get Sierra would be to stay fully updated, i don't want to end up in the same situation that i was in with Lion, i.

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    Posted 03 August - PM. When apple no longer updates your OS, you may need to consider getting a new mac.

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    4. Upgrading to macOS Sierra requires OS X 10.7.5 or later;

    Posted 05 August - AM. Yes that's the worry, i suppose it's a case of being vigilant and recognising the point at which Apple stop sending updates for a particular OS - and then upgrading again. Posted 17 August - AM. Better is a relative term but if you ask me it is relatively better, the higher the OS the better. So what do I mean by better? I suggest the latest OS that can be installed be installed.

    I want to upgrade my Mac OSX from to Free upgrade? - macintosh apple | Ask MetaFilter

    Click the "Apple button" in the upper left corner of your screen. Select "About This Mac". Click "More Info. Check what operating system you have. If you are running Lion Update current system. Method 2. Start the download. Open the Mac App Store. Click on the Mountain Lion button, or search for "Mountain Lion". Click the price button in the upper left corner of the page. After clicking the button, it will change to a green color and read "Buy App. You will be prompted to sign in to the App Store, and then to authorize your purchase.

    Monitor the downloading progress from the "Purchases" tab of the app store. It has to be fully downloaded in order to install, and this can take quite some time depending on your internet speed. After downloading fully, Mountain Lion installer will open in a new window. You can minimize the app store while you wait and it will will continue downloading in the background. Finish the download. When the installer is done downloading, an installer window will open. When the Mountain Lion installer window opens, click "continue".

    Compatible hardware

    Read the new license agreement and click "Agree". After which another dialog box will open, click "Agree" again. This will take you to another screen, where you will click "Install". By default, Mountain Lion installer will install on your current startup drive. If you want to install elsewhere, click the "Show All Disks" button, and select the target drive before clicking "Install". Give credentials. You will then be prompted to enter your computer login information, including its password. Do so.

    The installation process can take 20 minutes, so be patient.