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I just pushed both the side of my key down until I heard a click for each and it went on again, it is not worth doing anything advanced. There is also the option of buying the keys all separately if you don't want a set of extra keyboard keys laying around. I'll Drop a link down at the bottom of this response for a website to buy the keys you need.

On the website they even have an install guide and purchase guide. Nicolas Cacace. I bought my Mac Pro in October , last year, and it's treated with the utmost care and has never received a knock once - not even harsh language. This has caused the cover to bow. The elastics that hold the cover to my Laptop screen keep coming off. Anyway - Long story short. The fact that you may have dropped your Laptop is decidedly irrelevant. The key would have probably come off anyway. Tracy Anne tracyannee. Hi, guys! I want to share with you my recent experience about a keyboard problem I had with my MacBook and how I used a virtual assistant to help me.

For better or worse, I'm a very busy person like most people and cannot afford to have my Macbook not working. Didn't know what happened, just that the keys kept on becoming loose and I couldn't use specific letters to type. It was rreally a hassle. So anyway, I didn't have the time to leave my offcie and bring my Mac to Apple's repair center. That's why I texted Magic. They had a courier get my Mac which I left at home since it's not working , brought it to the repair center, and had it back in a matter of hours.

When i went back home, it was all repaired and working fine.

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On a side note, while I was asking them to have my Mac repaired, I aslo threw in another request about getting me groceries for a small party I was holding that very same night. Both requests were accomplished while I was able to do my work.

Saved me a lot of stress and hassle. If you guys don't have the time, I really recomend getting Magic since they really did do their best for me. I know they would do too for you guys! Apple Macbook keyboardrepair MacRepair. Kevin Chung kchung. My friend ran into this problem and I helped her out by buying a replacement keyboard part and replacing the broken keys and switches for her broken keys.

She had a lot of broken keys so it was more cost effective to buy the entire part and swap out parts. Help Translate iFixit. Note the orientations of the tabs on the U-shaped piece.

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Slip the tabs under the metal loops on the laptop as shown. Slip the second O-shaped piece through the centre of the U-piece. Click the tabs in the O-piece into the notches in the U-piece. Make sure the tabs are raised.

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At this point, the two pieces are gently locked together. If done correctly, they will not sit flat. They will be raised slightly above the laptop surface. Place the key right-side up over the U and O pieces. So first click the right side you'll hear it click! Thomas Houterman. That would indicate that the installation of the mechanical mechanism has failed to properly engage with the internal bracket part.

Carefully and gently try to "lift" the key by sliding the tip of a knife under it and slowly move it up and down at eye level to see if it is correctly fitted. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 4. No, replacing keyboard keys following the suggested steps in this article correctly will not result in any damage to the laptop. However, the particular key's recoil mechanism can very easily be damaged during removal of the old key as well as during the reassembly of the new key. In particular, on the little plastic plate that functions as a rocker underneath every key see manual images for reference.

The tiny tabs that form the hinge points also the tabs that interlock with the keyboard base plate , are extremely delicate and take very little force to snap off the bracket, leaving you with no other option than to accept the missing key or replace the entire keyboard.

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Sophie Walford. Contact HP to ask how, it all depends on what model of Pavilion it is. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 5. How do I install individual laptop keyboard keys on a Dell Inspirion? Pop off the old key and snap on the new one. There will be a terrifying cracking sound. Not Helpful 12 Helpful 5.

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  8. What should I do if I have a newer Dell laptop that does not have the keys as shown? Sahil Gagrai. All flat keyboards have this particular design, except those keyboard that are block-shaped. Not Helpful 27 Helpful 8. If you can't get the key back on, try to use it without the key. If it bothers you enough, you might have to order a replacement keyboard. Not Helpful 16 Helpful 5.

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