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Invisible Inc takes the turn based tactics of XCOM and applies it to the tension of the stealth game genre.

The 12 Best Games for Mac

Each mission involves a team of agents infiltrating an procedurally generated base, with the alarm steadily rising as they become more aware of your presence. W orse still, knocked out guards will only stay knocked out for a few turns, meaning you need to get past them and get invisible again quickly. Eminently replayable, hyper stressful, fun. Stellaris is the ultimate space opera simulator. It lets you create a custom space empire, fulfilling pretty much any science fiction trope you can think of, and then expand to the stars.

Playing Stellaris is like writing your own sci-fi novel, charting the rise and fall of a strange interstellar community made up of religious mushrooms and warmongering penguins.

The best MacOS games you can play in 12222

Civilization 6 is notable for its use of urban sprawl, with cities growing to take up several adjacent map times. This trend continues, although Creative Assembly takes a more fantastical approach with Total War: Warhammer 2. The conflicts are absolutely huge, requiring a keen eye to best take advantage of the battlefield. As the top strategy game esport, Starcraft is arguably watched more than played.

Top 15 MacBook Games

But this unique status is what makes it deserve a place on this list. If you enjoy playing strategy games competitively against other humans, there is simply no substitute. KB has done a fine job of restoration and enhancements, which began in , and are all available in the newest Combined Edition, which I currently play it via Steam. Would you recommend it to give it a shot today?

Great list, Ric! Strategy is my favorite genre of game. I love coming here and seeing all Mac games in one place. Thanks a lot Sten. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run.

In this guide:. StarCraft 2. Last updated: December 27, After such a great year full of excellent releases, we had to update this guide to include two of the best MacOS games of Into the Breach and Total War: Warhammer 2. Real-world MacOS tests Our process is straightforward. Our favorite Strategy games for Mac. Best all-around Mac Strategy game. Benchmark results in FPS :. Civilization 6. Best Strategy game for MacBook owners. Can your Mac run it?

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Even an older MBA will do fine. Any bugs you should be aware of? Expect a bug-free experience on Mac. Best for MacBook. Into the Breach. Best free Mac Strategy game. Best Value. Starcraft 2. More great Mac strategy games. Total War: Warhammer 2. XCOM 2. Company of Heroes 2 benchmark results in FPS :. Company of Heroes 2.

Which are the strategy games to play now? Here are the best ones ranked

Europa Universalis 4. Homeworld Remastered. Into the Breach puts you in charge of giant Mechs that will have to fight Alien invaders and save as many humans as possible.

This is a game that uses charming retro graphics that accomplish to things. First, you won't need a powerful machine to run it at all. And second, the graphics won't distract you from the excellent gameplay Into the Breach offers. Add in cross-platform cooperative multiplayer, modding support, and a map editor, and Factorio takes factory building to the next level.

How you proceed is largely up to you: RimWorld provides an almost overwhelming amount of detail you can tweak and there are multiple approaches you can take. RimWorld is also known for its personality; players actually get amused at the weird ways their colonies are wiped out after so much careful building and planning. By day you craft, take care of yourself and your group, and plan for the night, when you venture out to gather resources including food, fuel and weapons.

It offers a unique, Mars-based twist on the city building sim. Building a city on Mars offers unique challenges, like making sure your colonists have air to breath, and developer Haemimont Games has thrown in some mysteries inspired by classic science fiction depictions of Mars to keep things interesting and different every time you play.

This open-source, historical, real-time strategy game comes from Wildfire Games, a group of volunteer game developers from around the globe who are obviously big fans of Age of Empires 2. D, you will begin development of your city, raise a mighty army, build an empire, and contend with rivals to take over the world. Those rivals can be on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Working to survive and unravel the mystery of why your planet seems on a cycle of doom, you will build and lead a civilization using resources, skills, and magic.

Cross-platform multiplayer rounds things out for those seeking a fantasy-based Civilization-like game. Featuring big armies, huge heroes, and an increased focus on multiplayer only cross-platform between MacOS and Linux , developer Relic has announced the end of DoW III support meaning no new content will be coming. However if you can find it on sale, it should be supported on your machine for years. Explore the universe, upgrade your technology, build fancy ships, meet with aliens and decide the path you want to take to universal domination. Choose your nation and run it exactly as you wish, from making economic, diplomatic and political decisions to how, when and where you fight.

And free. Possibly the best RTS of all time, StarCraft has you gathering and building as one of three races in a story that connects them all. Tooth and Tail features short battles, pixel graphics, multiplayer, and system requirements that should appeal to owners of less powerful machines. While the single-player is hampered by some balance issues, the game is an affordable and different take on the genre.

The game is infamous for throwing random events at you that you'll need to handle with grace or put your kingdom in danger. As with other Paradox games, the strategy is deep and can be complex, but the game is worth it. It also features a difficult AI and cross-platform multiplayer. Our Criteria. MacBook Pro inch, Late 2. MacBook Pro inch, Late : 2. Keep in mind that we test all our games on Medium settings because we continue to believe they are an acceptable compromise for testing across a wide variety of machines: And for reference, this is how we interpret the results: Below 20 FPS Unplayable Laggy gameplay, full of stutters and slowdowns.

Adventure , RPG , Indie. Action , Indie , Card Game , Singleplayer. Action , Indie , Casual , Adventure. Indie , Adventure , Visual Novel , Anime. Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter I. Indie , Mystery , Visual Novel , Detective.

Casual , Indie , Adventure , Time Travel. Free to Play , Action , Indie. No results found. Showing 1 - 15 of results. Browse All New Releases. Survival , Crafting , Multiplayer , Open World. Relaxing , City Builder , Strategy , Indie. Cyberpunk , Psychological Horror , Horror , Atmospheric. Indie , Replay Value , Difficult , Rogue-like. Rogue-like , Indie , Replay Value , Difficult. Indie , Strategy , Rogue-like , Turn-Based. Base Building , Survival , Strategy , Sandbox.

Anime , Visual Novel , Detective , Mystery. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition. Browse All Top Sellers.