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However, if you have sensitive skin and your skin gets irritated easily then we suggest washing the brush with water after cleaning it with a wipe. The packaging of Clinique makeup brush cleanser is nothing out of the box. The cleanser has a purple hue to it. It comes in a white plastic bottle with a pump and spray and metallic screw on cap.

The bottle, cap, and pump are made with good quality material. The packaging could have been better considering the price. It is bulky and not travel-friendly. This cleanser is designed to clean your brushes also condition them for long-lasting use. It gently removes all the makeup residues, oil, and gunk from the brushes without leaving any harsh effect on the bristles. This fantastic product is gel based and a little product will go a long way.

It also helps to cut down the drying time which makes it super convenient to use. The minty scent that will give you a clean fresh vibe even the brushes are dry. This product is a holy grail for people with sensitive skin. This is dermatologically tested and no harsh chemical is used to make this product.

Its ingredients are very gentle that leaves the bristle very soft and smooth. This works equally well on both synthetic and natural bristles without leaving any residue. The Bobbi Brown conditioning brush cleanser comes in a sturdy black squeeze tube with a plastic cap and it needs to be flipped over to open the tube. You might end up getting too much product out leading to wastage.

The price is another downside for this product as there are many economical variants available in the market. It will surely leave your brushes looking like brand new over and over again. It works great for quick cleanup in between your makeup application. This brush cleaner disinfects the brushes thoroughly to provide a clean smooth application of makeup every time. This is a perfect go-to brush cleaner that does an incredible job at spot cleaning. It removes all traces of makeup, oil, and dirt from the brushes instantaneously.

It dries the brush very quickly as well. However, this is not meant for deep cleaning. This cleaner is more suitable for the instant cleaning process.

The 10 best makeup brush cleaners for good-as-new brushes

It has a high alcohol content which makes a superb disinfectant and sanitizer. This will come in handy if you have an eye infection and you want a quick clean of the brushes. It also conditions the brushes for extended use and long life. It has classic elf packaging. It comes in a plastic black bottle with a sprayer and plastic cap.

The leak-proof design also makes it a great choice for travel. Once the brush dries the smell vanishes.

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The affordable price tag makes it an excellent choice for those within budget. It can easily replace a high-end brush cleaner with its top-notch performance. Cinema Secrets is a top choice among the industry makeup artists and their brush cleaner is their all-time favorites.

Do You Spot Clean Your Makeup Brushes with the MAC Brush Cleanser?

With its fantastic fast cleaning formula, it makes the brushes Its unique Antimicrobial, Rinse-less Formula was created to instantly clean, condition and sanitize the tools. While conditioning both synthetic and natural bristles, this cleaner removes all the dirt, oil, pigment and bacteria from the brushes using capillary action. The cinema secret brush cleaner comes in two sizes, regular and travel size. If you are skeptical about it then we would suggest you to try out the travel size first.

It effectively removes all the makeup from the brush even the stubborn shimmery, waxy ones that are hard to remove and makes your tool usable within minutes. It has a strong vanilla fragrance that lingers. The cleaning process is straightforward. Pour it, dip it and wipe it. You just need to dip in your brush in the liquid and it will dissolve the makeup.

Then wipe the brush on a paper towel to remove the makeup. This cleaner is a superb product if you are on the go and you need something for fast cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned up your makeup brushes? Your brushes are probably lying there caked up in makeup and dirt calling your name with a desperate cry for help. Having clean brushes is an integral part of your beauty regime. The best solution is to clean your brushes with the instant cleaners after every use and deep cleanse the brushes one every week for the best result.

Bacteria and fungi prefer wet conditions so brushes that you use your liquid or cream product with should be cleaned more frequently than the brushes you use for powder products. Synthetic brushes are usually low maintenance. They are easy to clean and dry and usually last for 5 to 10 years at ease. Some of them even have antibacterial protection too. Always store your brushes in a cool, dry place, preferably a bag of their own.

Never keep your brushes in the bathroom which is the party ground for bacteria. If you use brushes for your personal use make sure you clean them properly. It can cause infection and spread contagious diseases too. Most makeup brushes are pretty expensive. It would be heart-wrenching if you damage them while you clean them.

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you probably know by now how to clean the brushes. You need to do it yourself. Here is an in-depth routine on how to clean, dry and take care of your precious brushes. You may have some ideas on cleaning makeup brushes here. How is a brush cleaner different from regular soap and shampoo?

Ans: The brush bristles are sensitive so regular soap and shampoo might damage the bristles. Do makeup brush cleaners contain alcohol? True that.. Nice review! Definitely a staple product for me. Indeed for me too.. MAC is def a brand to try. Meghana recently posted… Benefit Lipstick Giveaway International.

If you use brush for doing makeup, this is must have for u. MAC holds a lot of love and Respect as a brand for me.. You are right makeup brushes are so impoetant for flawless look and I think this kind of product is very essential to make sure that makeup brushes are always clean and in good condition. One thing more price tag of this clearner is also reasonable in my point of view. I am definitely buying it. Thanks for reading… Yes its a reasonable one which will keep your brushes in good condition for long run.. So sorry for wrong spelling there is something wrong with keypad of my ipad…..

I have this n it really clean my brushes n does not damage my bristles.. Amani zaara recently posted… St. Hehe so true the cheapest product from MAc, lovely review Sharmistha, I should get it after seeing your review. Thought this would be more expensive. This great for bucks. I really must give this a try someday soon! But it is not something a wet wipe cannot take care of. I […]. I am not a lazy bum at all when it comes to these things and after my 1st use I rushed to wipe it […]. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Vanitynoapologies Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog. This is a great cleaner for brushes, it does everything it says. It does smell slightly alcoholish which for me I liked as it made me feel like it was really killing all bacteria in my brushes. The downside to this product is you have to use a lot of it to clean your brushes. I really like this product, and it cleans your brushes thouroughly. The smell is insane, I literally get dizzy from it. And you need a lot of product for a clean brush I do multiple washes for 1 time cleaning.

I've used this product to "deep clean" my brushes three times and although it does do a good job it uses a lot of product and for the price it's something I would want to last longer than an average brush cleanser. My friend washed one of my brushes and I was hooked. I went out and bought it and chocked a little on the price but it has barely moved despie lots of use!

I will never think about another blush cleaner. Lately i have been investing in mac makeup brushes and what better to do than buy their brush cleaner. I got quite a shock as i put this onto my brushes, massaged it in and rinsed under water. The makeup that was on my brushes came off but the colour remained. My lip brush has permanant stains on the bristles that handsoap usually gets out. I will continue using this product but only to sanitize as it is quite runny with a strong chemical alcohol smell.

This cleanser would be perfect for mascara and eye brushes.

Buy MAC Cosmetics Brush Cleanser | Sephora Singapore

I bought this product for deep cleansing but unfortunately discovered it's mainly best for spot cleaning, this being said, it is amazing for just that. And I love it!

How To clean Brushes with MAC Brush Cleanser

It's everything I wanted in a spot cleaner for those in between deep brush cleans. I transferred it to a small spray bottle for convenience and so I didn't waste huge amounts of the product as it comes with a pour-lid-kind of bottle, and even diluted some with water - so it lasted me ages. Then I spray some onto a paper towel tougher than tissue , not directly on the brush as I don't want to dry them out, then just gently rub foundation, eyeshadow, blush brushes etc. It dries in a few minutes too.

Will definitely repurchase. I love this cleaner. It's so great to thoroughly deep clean my brushes and I love how this disinfects. I think for a MAC product this is pretty fairly priced. I use this to spot clean my brushes. So to make that process easier I transfer it into a spray bottle and use it like that. And let me tell you this bottle is going to last me a long time.

Product description

It's not as quick drying as the Artise brush cleaner but in saying that I think they make my brushes feel more conditioned so I love using it. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how efficient this cleanser was at spot cleaning my makeup brushes. Even foundation was quickly removed and my brushes were left unstained.

I usually pour a little on a piece of kitchen paper towel folded in 2 this works much better than normal face tissue and take my brushes and wipe them back and forth a few times for flat brushes and swirl around round brushes. Then I open up the tissue and wipe the brushes one last time on the unused back. This gives the ultimate spot clean to my brushes and keeps them in great condition. Once a week I also deep cleanse with baby shampoo and water. The best things about this cleanser apart from its cleansing abilities are the price it is cheaper than the ones you get from Priceline volumewise and also you can use it for the back to mac program.

Win win. Ive been using this product for years to clean all of my brushes and keep them in tip top condition. A little goes a long way. I do find that the bottle leaks a little when inverted to pour out the solution onto the brushes. I pour this cleanser on a cotton pad or tissue to clean my brushes, sometimes I accidently pour more than I want however. The formula is a bit messing in regards to dispensing the right amount of product, however this cleanser leaves no residue on my brush.

With a wipe after application it removes makeup from brushes. It is great to know it keeps my brushes clean and in shape. This is a handy product to have around. The MAC brush cleanser is really effective at spot cleaning brushes quickly. I either pour some of the product onto a tissue or cotton round then wipe my brush, or pour a little bit into a small container and soak my brush for a short while, then wipe off.

Brushes are then free of makeup and clean and ready to use.

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  8. While this is quick and easy, I also like to use a brush shampoo for deeper cleaning from time to time as well. I think that this product is reasonably priced, but even better, you can Back 2 Mac the bottle when finished which is a bonus. One of my fave brush cleansers. It really gives my brushes a good spot clean getting out all the product really well.

    Need to stock up on some more! A great cleanser that is quick and easy!