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NEW : Support for gnome 3. Gnome has again changed the theming-properties for gnome 3. So I'm obliged to submit yet another version NEW : A new version 2. More details here. You can find it here also, in the download-section. Because of changes to nautilus, Gnome 3. Unfortunately these changes conflict with the old theme. So I made versions especially for Gnome 3.

See in the 'Files' tab for the downloadable themes. It is also available in the download-section of this page. Careful: do not use the Cinnamon-version in the standard gnome version! Next OSX uses titlebuttons on the left-side: To put the buttons to the left open a terminal: gsettings set org. Troubleshooting: When, as such, theming does not look the way it should be: make sure you have installed the necessary theme-"engines": - The gnome-themes-standard package, - The murrine engine.

This has different names depending on your distro. The themes for upload are in no way affiliated to any official Apple software, and are presented under the GPlv2. Last changelog: Bug fixes and update 1 month ago Small changes and bug fixes. Please login or register to add a comment. Changes to version 1: -Adjusted size of the menubar and toolbar to minimal feasible state to reduce the general real-estate of XFCE-interface.

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Especially the new Thunar looks allot thinner. This version is primarily to address issues with the exceptionally large resize-area around SSD-windows. Added a Gnome Please login. McOS-themes Original. Score Add Rating 10 the best 9 excellent 8 great 7 good 6 okay 5 average 4 soso 3 bad 2 really bad 1 ugh. Last changelog: Bug fixes and update 1 month ago Small changes and bug fixes comments. Do you really want to report this comment?

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Install OSX Breeze Gnome Theme on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

But in Eclipse tab height is slightly higher. Also, Netbeans and Codeblocks are rendering like windows classic. Can you please fix that. Setya 2 months ago Hi, thank your for your awesome theme. I try to apply it to Linux Mint 19 MATE edition, but I can not achieve the look as in your screenshots, the murrine engines already the latest version. Is it not intended for MATE? Its on Debian stretch stable , Gnome 3. Looks truly great. Only minor thing is that it doesn't work properly with Raven on Solus Budgie transparency issues , so that's the only room for improvement I see.

Keep up the great work!

How to Install Linux Mint on a PC or Mac

I'm more a fan towards elementary style than MacOS, and that theme without transparency, of which the menu selection highlight is the best! That slightly deeper blue highlight is better than Mac's light blue in my opinion. Jont 3 months ago Electron seems to be giving me this error when I use the 3. Bug fixes and update 1 month ago Small changes and bug fixes Uploaded newer version for the gnome 3. Bugs are fixed. For Windows, if you're unsure follow this guide to confirm which of these you'll need.

This process isn't as simple as copying the ISO file to the thumb drive. It will basically set the thumb drive up as a bootable hard disk, so your computer can run the operating system from it. One popular option is the Win32 Disc Imager. We've covered this in the past, so you can simply follow these steps to make a bootable Linux Mint thumb drive!

On macOS, the Etcher,io provides a similarly easy way to burn an image. With just three button presses you select your image, the USB drive, and start the write process. With the completed installer in hand, it's time for you to close all those apps and reboot into Linux land. The drive you prepared will boot into a "live" desktop environment.

Here, you can try out all the software and features that Linux Mint has to offer.

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  • Two things to keep in mind when running a live desktop:. When you're ready to take the plunge, double-click on the Install Linux Mint icon on the desktop to kick off the process. The first step is to select your language — this is the language that the installed OS will use. You can, of course, change this later. Next, select your keyboard type.

    You can use the text box below to ensure keys are registering correctly. The following screen will ask if you want to install proprietary software. You'll most likely want to select this so you can play different types of media files like MP3 files. The installer will provide you with a couple of options for where it will install Mint. Select Erase disk and install Linux Mint to use your entire hard drive, but be aware that it will then permanently delete everything on that drive. So again, make sure you have all your important data backed up. You can also choose to encrypt your whole OS on this screen or use the Logical Volume Manager a Linux system for efficiently managing data on the hard drive.

    Both are safe to either enable or leave disabled, but keep in mind if you encrypt your OS you may experience a minor performance hit. If you have another OS e. This will allow you to manually select where Mint will install from among your hard drive's partitions.

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    Re-visit the guides for dual booting on a Mac or a Windows PC for instructions on which partition you should choose. At this point, the wizard will ask you a couple more questions while the install starts. First is your timezone, which the installer will probably guess correctly based on your location.

    Get Mac OS X Wallpapers

    Finally, you'll be prompted to enter your full name, a user name, a computer name how it shows up on the local network , and a password. You'll also have the option to encrypt your personal folder, which you should do if you didn't encrypt the OS as a whole. You can finally relax now while the install finishes. The installer will show you some slides describing features of Linux Mint while things wrap up. Once complete, you'll be prompted to reboot your PC. After the restart, you'll land on a screen where you can log in with the username and password you created earlier.

    Share Pin Email. Updated August 15, Prepare an installer. This is typically a USB drive, although you can also burn it to an optical disc if you're old school. Linux Mint's installer is nearly 2 GB, so plan ahead. Next, boot from the media USB drive or optical disc you just created. You may need to adjust your machine's settings related to boot order, as well as UEFI more on these later. Finally, run the installer once the USB drive boots, and you arrive on a live Mint desktop but feel free to have a look around first.

    Straight Installation : Before you install Linux Mint over your existing OS, make sure you've identified alternatives for all the applications you need. You'll have no problem finding apps like browsers, office suites, or media players. But if you need a very specific program, you'll need to run the other OS is a virtual machine.