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Does he bring public policy into every discussion? Does he painstakingly parse words of statutes? When you find these themes, pay special attention and take particularly copious notes as to how the professor's reasoning is flowing; this way you know what questions to prepare for both for lectures and exams.

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DO review your notes after class to make sure you understand what you've recorded. If something is unclear either conceptually or factually, now is the time to clear it up either with your classmates in a study group or with the professor. DON'T write down everything the professor says verbatim.

Take Notes & Stay Organized Across All Devices

This holds especially true if you're using a laptop. It can be tempting to transcribe lectures if you have the typing ability, but you'll be losing valuable time in which you should be engaging with the material and group discussion. This, after all, is where learning takes place in law school, not simply from memorizing and regurgitating rules and laws. DON'T write down what your fellow law students say.

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Yes, they're smart and some may even be right, but unless your professor puts her explicit seal of approval on a student's contribution to the discussion, it's most likely not worth a spot in your notes. You will not be tested on your fellow law students' opinions, so there's no sense in recording them for posterity. Microsoft has created the standard for professional word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation tools with the Office line.

The latest versions of these iOS apps are, to put it simply, fantastic. There are a few concerns with One Note. Yes, really. Lastly, OneNote needs to go on a diet. The app alone weighs in at a hefty MB which is quite a chunk of room for a note-taking app. While there are a few more tools and features, the relative size is out of proportion with similar apps and it would be nice to see the app streamlined at some point.

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While the former two options offer a nice selection of tools for basic or more in-depth note taking, Notability handles and feels more like a real-world notebook. Inking is beautiful and fast, and it comes in a variety of pen widths and colors as well as highlighting.

Notability organizes your notes in a column on the left side of the app in sections. Each section can contain multiple notes, while you can arrange sections however you like with dividers.

10 Do's and Don'ts for Note Taking in Law School

A huge advantage is the ability to sort your notes automatically by name, modified date, or creation date. A simple tap on any of these three options sorts your notes instantly.

One somewhat unique and potentially very useful tool is the ability to record audio along with your note in Notability. Later, you can tap on any word, sentence, diagram, or drawing and your recorded audio will begin play back from that point.

Know and Understand Legal Jargon

Notability not only offers an iPad version, but it also has iPhone and macOS counterparts and keeps everything in sync via iCloud. You can also connect to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box accounts easily, and simply share and export notes via email, with or without the included audio. You could type notes on your computer and study them on your tablet later in the day. If managing multiple notebooks for your classes is tough for you, consider Evernote for your note taking. It not only helps you create detailed notes, but also helps you organize and share them.

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