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7 Mac Startup Options Every OS X User Should Know

When you restore your MacBook Air and connect your iPhone, will the system erase your iPhones data or will it transfer to your how do i restore a macbook pro that has crashed? Now I just k can you restore mac from backup on an external hard drive How in MacBook Pro during restore to factory settings can you bypass the Apple ID sign in what if I don't have previous owners credentials?

Reinstall procedure not working How to restore macbook pro to factory setting and keep microsoft suite? Post thread. Started by Misha Jul 24, Replies: 4. Android Tablets. Laptop Tech Support. Apps General Discussion.

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How to erase your MacBook Pro and reinstall macOS

Jan 10, Jun 20, May 16, Apr 5, Oct 7, Sep 1, Won't restore need help. Aug 15, Factory Restore without Passwords. Jun 14, Restore MacBook to Factory settings?

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Feb 9, Jun 16, When you restore your MacBook Air and connect your iPhone, will the system erase your iPhones data or will it transfer to your. Apr 25, Apr 4, Now I just k. Mar 21, Aug 27, You can use the mouse or the keyboard to select a device to boot into. Sometimes discs can get stuck in your optical drive.

7 Mac Startup Options Every OS X User Should Know

When you cannot seem to get them out, you may panic, but just try restarting while holding down either the Eject key, F12 key, or your mouse or trackpad button. Your disc will be ejected in a flash after doing this. If your setup includes a compatible network server NetBoot , you can hold down the N key during startup to attempt a network boot.

Target Disk Mode is a great way to retrieve your files from your Mac if your machine refuses to boot properly.

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Follow our guide on Target Disk Mode for more information on how it works. OS X includes a boot option called Safe Mode. Start up your machine while holding down the Shift key to have OS X only load required kernel extensions and login items.

Looking to wipe your laptop? Here’s how to restore a Mac to its factory settings

It will disable all non system fonts, all startup items, and login items. If you are having OS X boot problems, always try this first to check and see if you have a rogue piece of software preventing your Mac from booting properly. Check out this article for more information about booting into Safe Mode. Using this key combination will cause your Mac to become very verbose on startup and will show a terminal-like interface while booting. It will contain information important to startup, allowing you to diagnose startup problems by seeing any errors that may be occurring during startup.

Verbose mode exits automatically when the computer's startup process progresses sufficiently and the blue screen appears.

This is a terminal interface that allows you to login and interact with your computer via text input only. No graphical interface will be loaded. This mode is good for when you need to troubleshoot a startup issue, or modify a file or application that is preventing proper startup.