How do i free up space on my external hard drive mac

Store all messages and attachments in iCloud. When storage space is needed, only the messages and attachments you recently opened are kept on your Mac. Learn more about Messages in iCloud. Optimize Storage Click the Optimize button, then choose from these options. Automatically remove watched iTunes movies and TV shows. When storage space is needed, iTunes movies or TV shows that you already watched are removed from your Mac. Download only recent attachments.

How To Free Up Space On Your Mac OS X Computer FAST

Mail automatically downloads only the attachments that you recently received. You can manually download any attachments at any time by opening the email or attachment, or saving the attachment to your Mac. Don't automatically download attachments. Mail downloads an attachment only when you open the email or attachment, or save the attachment to your Mac.

Empty Trash Automatically Empty Trash Automatically permanently deletes files that have been in the Trash for more than 30 days. Reduce Clutter Reduce Clutter helps identify large files and files you might no longer need. To turn off iCloud Drive entirely, deselect iCloud Drive. Store in iCloud selects Enable Messages in iCloud. Other ways that macOS helps automatically save space macOS Sierra and later automatically takes these additional steps to save storage space: Detects duplicate downloads in Safari, keeping only the most recent version of the download Reminds you to delete used app installers Removes old fonts, languages, and dictionaries that aren't being used Clears caches, logs, and other unnecessary data when storage space is needed.

The Downloads section gives you a breakdown of files and folders that are older than three months, six months, or one year. The File Browser section is basically a Finder view in the storage management tool.

You can browse through your entire file storage system and find files or folders that you want to delete. If you back up your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, the backups could take up gigabytes of storage space.

How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way

In a similar fashion, you can delete data from the iTunes app from the iTunes section. Movies, TV shows, and audiobooks will show up here. By default, the cloud syncing services have a tendency to download all data to your Mac.

Remember, you can always access your Dropbox data from the website or mobile app. Optimize Storage feature in Photos works exactly as it does on iPhone. Instead of keeping your entire iCloud Photo Library on the device, it will only keep the most recent photos, along with low-resolution thumbnails of older photos. When needed, your computer will download photos from iCloud. This little feature can help reduce your Photos library from tens of gigabytes to just a couple. The Store in iCloud feature automatically backs up all the data from your Desktop and Documents folders, and only stores the most recent files locally.

When needed, you can download the old files with the press of a button. But for most users, enabling this feature can free up a good amount of storage space. To enable it, open the Storage Management screen, and click on Store in iCloud button from the Recommendations section. The manual cleanup method is effective I was able to delete more than 30GB using the steps outlined above , but doing it repeatedly becomes time-consuming. Thankfully, certain apps can help simplify some of these steps and automate Mac maintenance. CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one utility to keep your Mac in top shape.

It helps you delete cache files, temporary files, and applications. It has an intelligent file browser that will help you get rid of old and unused files as well. Gemini 2 finds duplicate files on your Mac and helps you get rid of them. Both apps are available as part of the Setapp subscription service.

Try implementing some of these small but useful changes to save you a few minutes. Previous Next. Jan 5, 0 1. This opens the About This Mac box with the Overview tab selected by default.

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Here you can find some basic information about your Mac computer such as how much memory does it have, what type of processor is there, etc. You must log in or register to reply here. MacBooks 1 Nov 23, T What is difference between 4gb and 8gb Ram for macbook air for engineering student???? MacBooks 10 May 26, S I have connected an external storage device to my new MacBook pro but the operating system isn't recognizing the device's cont MacBooks 1 May 3, What is the storage identified as 'System' on my macbook Pro?

What is difference between 4gb and 8gb Ram for macbook air for engineering student???? I have connected an external storage device to my new MacBook pro but the operating system isn't recognizing the device's cont. Post thread.

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How to Free Up Space on Mac: 8 Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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