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Not all photos pick up the location information automatically. Click on the Assign a Location placeholder at the bottom of this window. Once you type in a location of your choice and hit Enter , a tiny interactive map with the correct pin shows up right there. Note that you can also add a title, keyword, and a description for the photo from this window. Hence, you might want to delete a few of the Apple-created memories and turn albums into memories yourself. Open any album and click on the Show as Memory link for it to have the album appear under Memories.

If you want to view the album as a slideshow without turning it into a memory, click on the Slideshow link instead. You can also view a bunch of photos as a slideshow. To do so, click on the Play Slideshow option in the context menu for the group of selected photos. To play a selected memory, click on its Play button in the top toolbar and then on the Play Slideshow button in the menu that appears. Notice that you can also change the theme and background music for the memory from this menu. Backing up your photos to iCloud makes them accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Ensuring that you have photo backups in multiple locations will help you recover from potential data mishaps without breaking a sweat. There, click on the Options button next to Photos. Now, in the box that shows up, select the checkbox for iCloud Photo Library and hit the Done button.

Want to keep your photos off the cloud, but sync them across your Apple devices?

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This two-way sync works only for 1, of your most recent photos. Keep in mind that Apple allocates only 5GB of free storage space to each iCloud user. Now that iCloud storage costs considerably less than it used to, it might be time to upgrade beyond 5GB. Read More. A handful of Mac apps allow you to create smart groups to filter items based on one or more criteria.

Photos is one of those apps, and it calls these special groups smart albums. Smart albums come in handy when you want to, say, filter photos that match a certain keyword or feature a specific set of people. Once you have these conditions in place, hit the OK button.

The album will then show up under My Albums in the sidebar.

How to find all photos on your Mac

Once you hit the Repair button in the dialog box that shows up, the built-in repair tool does the rest. It fixes any database problems and inconsistencies to get the Photos app working again. You might have a bit of waiting to do depending on the size of your photo library.

After the repair process is complete, Photos relaunches by itself. If you want to turn some of your memories into, say, a photo book or a calendar, you can do it right from the Photos app. Once you select that, the app takes over. It walks you through the process of picking a theme, adding pictures, editing the layout, and placing the order for the product. Here are some practical uses for Image Capture you must check out.

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And there are some mistakes almost everyone makes. Thankfully, there are also some simple solutions. Your email address will not be published. Folders and Albums I cannot find a way to have an album as a folder child, as you explain, no way no how. You'll then get a menu with options to create a new nested album, smart album, or folder.

Also, if you have an existing album and an existing top-level folder, you can drag the album to the folder into the sidebar. Thanks indeed for this reply. I have a mind fix, perhaps unsurprisingly, that folders will behave like in Mac OS or MS windows, but they dont. You can pay a dollar a month to upgrade to 50 GB.

You can also use Photo Streaming on its own, if preferred. Should you choose to use one over the other, simply check only iCloud Photo Library or Photo Streaming when prompted below instead of both. For both methods, when you take pictures outside of a Wi-Fi zone, those photos will automatically transfer once you are in a Wi-Fi zone. To do this,. Open System Preferences on your Mac and open iCloud.

Next to Photos, click Options. To view the photos in your Photo Stream, open the Photos app on your computer.

Where are your photos really stored on the Mac's disk drive? | RAW Mac

Tap Albums at the top and select My Photo Stream. If you have a small batch of photos you want to transfer to your computer, sharing them to Mail is a quick way to get them on your computer.

Mac OS : How to Get Windows Like Photo Viewer

For older operating systems, the maximum amount you can send is five. Dropbox is an awesome platform that allows you to easily access photos, documents, and more across any device with the Dropbox app or in a browser. You can also set up Dropbox to automatically copy photos to Dropbox, which means those photos are quickly accessed from your computer anytime.

On your computer, either download an app for Dropbox, or go the the Dropbox website in your preferred browser and log-in. From there, navigate to the folder you placed your newly synced photos in. You can then download them from Dropbox to your computer if desired. Now, new photos will automatically upload to the Camera Uploads folder in your Dropbox, which you can access via your computer on the Dropbox website. There will also be an option to turn on Use Cellular Data.