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Ask a question. User profile for user: coenst coenst. Question: Q: Question: Q: offset subtitles from a stl file Hello, I tried to search the forum but found one related thread regarding offsetting subtitles from an imported stl file. That thread somebody complaining that they couldn't select and move two or more subtitles in dvdsp 2, still not possible in 4 btw suggested using stl edit.

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I had purchased STL edit 1. Alas Stl edit 1.


Google so far hasn't brought me any alternatives mac-wise To cut an already too long story short, is there another way to offset subtitles in dvd. Except doing them one by one. The way you deal with subtitles after the've been created or imported in dvdsp seems to be very archaic. My last struggle with subtitles in dvdsp dates two years back and cost me a night of sleep. Now I'm spending half a day just trying to figure how to do this More Less.

Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Sep 6, AM in response to coenst In response to coenst Hi Coen Yes the way DVD-SP treats subs can be a little frustrating though i do get the impression it's no worse than any other authoring software in that respect.

Presumably you don't have a handy PC as you can use Subtitle Workshop which is free i think or we often use Lemony on a PC which is quite costly. Do you know exactly by how much you need to offset? If so you could email me the stl file tree dot frog at btinternet dot com - where the ther dots and at are as they would be in a proper email address - just don't want my address being picked up by nefarious means!!!

STLedit 2 seems to run quite happily at this end - shame it's no longer supported Steve. View answer in context.

Loading page content. Stl edit 1.

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And I asked Micheal Lofquist from Guishen if it still possible to purchase stl edit 2. But he hasn't replied so far. As the product is discontinued I can't blame him.