Should i use mackeeper on my mac

Fast Cleanup is another useful feature. The tool scans your Mac for junk files and gives you the choice of deleting them right within the Mackeeper interface. I performed a quick scan, and it found 1. As you can see, these files include binaries, cache files, logs, localizations, etc. You can safely delete them to free up some space on your Mac. I recommend running it and cleaning your mac every week. Comes in handy sometimes. If you like it and decide to buy it, there are 4 plans to choose from.

Here's the price rundown of each plan:.

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I've actually bought the 2-year plan because personally because I like the tool and the 2-year plan is the best value for money who doesn't like saving money? First things first, do you really need cleaning tools like Mackeeper? Note: This is a long and in-depth review, here is a quick summary:.

Macs do need cleaning tools.

How to Uninstall MacKeeperand Why You Should Avoid It - Ultimate Mac

The only reason it is criticized is that they advertise like crazy! The actual product is pretty good overall. I ended up saving a lot of storage space, freeing up some RAM and my Mac runs better overall.

You can get the discount by clicking the button below. And now, the detailed review of Mackeeper.

What is Mackeeper? Will it slow my Mac?

Is Mackeeper a scam? Hands-on Review: On to the hands-on review of Mackeeper v3. Installation is pretty simple.

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Open the pkg file and follow the on-screen instructions. Here is how the main window looks:. There are a bunch of tools to select from the left sidebar.

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Let's try them one by one. Smart Uninstaller: Another useful feature. Files Recovery: This module can recover the files you've removed from your hard drive. Data Encryptor: Not all users need to hide data on their hard drive, but for those who do, this tool is pretty handy. Here's how it works: You set up a password at first use. Pretty simple. Disk Usage: If you have a lot of files on your Mac, there may be some large files that are no longer needed. Default Apps: Again, a pretty simple tool to change the default apps for various file types.

Fast Cleanup: Fast Cleanup is another useful feature.

Should I Install MacKeeper On My Mac?

How much does Mackeeper cost? And should you use them? MacKeeper does a huge amount of things. There are Internet security anti-virus and anti-theft features. The real question we need to ask ourselves about MacKeeper is whether what it does is actually valuable. This is the same trick used by many PC cleaning programs on Windows.

Mac OS X also does some automatic deletion of temporary files in the background.

Why you should avoid it

Sure, there is Mac malware out there, but your Mac is fairly secure as long as you follow a few simple rules. Whether Java is allowing over , Macs to be infected or Oracle is Read More. Certain programs won't load anymore - a message about Unidentified Developers shows up instead. There isn't even an obvious option to run the app. Gatekeeper just might be Read More enabled unless you absolutely need it off — Gatekeeper prevents untrusted applications from running on your Mac by default.

If you disable Gatekeeper and try to install pirated software you can get into trouble, but you should be fine otherwise.