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For many students, going away to college is the first time in their lives they'll be solely responsible for managing their own finances. Download this student budget template. If you still feel like you can't find a budget template that's just right, you can always make your own budget. To start, you'll need to track at least two basic categories -- income and expenses.

Start by adding up all sources of after-tax income on a monthly basis, as this makes it easier to calculate how much money you have available to meet your expenses, since many of them, such as rent and utilities, are probably billed monthly.

Next, list all of your fixed expenses. These are expenses you already know the amount of, such as:. Add up all of your income and all of your expenses.

The Best Free Personal Budget Templates For Every Type of Person (and Budget)

And if you have money left over after all your expenses are paid, you're doing great. You could increase your savings contributions, pay down debt faster, or even consider making a regular monthly charity donation. No matter what format works for you, the important thing about budgeting is to start now.

Getting a handle on where your money goes as soon as possible will give you the information you need to make any necessary changes. Then, you'll be better able to achieve your short- and long-term financial goals. This article originally appeared at GoBankingRates. Premium Services.

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Stock Advisor Flagship service. Rule Breakers High-growth stocks. View all Motley Fool Services. Trending Topics. Popular Sectors. Hot off the Press. How to Invest. Learn How to Invest. Track Your Performance. They use the information to keep you up to date with your banking balances. Thanks Bob for this priceless financial advice. Thank you also for providing this advice through a Christian vantage point.

The benefits of using a budget template

I had downloaded it long ago and improvised upon it. Now i want to upload mine on my blog giving credits to the person who developed the original one. But I have no idea who. Could you please help me on this? And so i can ram it through my thick brain in a baby-simple visual way what the impact of my purchasing decisions will be before i live them? I know i need to write it myself, but i am too lazy.

It works on people rating sites, i think internet explorer has similar features, but i know this has protected my security for free lots. Also, if you have an unusual eg firefox or something or latest latest IE for instance browser and set it to automatic security upgrades, you will be pretty secure for free. Also there are plenty of christian addons for firefox eg porn blockers and stuff. This is great! They are always asking about different spreadsheets I will link them here..

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I think these spreadsheets are excellent tools. There is spreadsheets for every financial scenario a person may have. I also think they are timesavers. It gives a person a quick overview of their finances without have to take the time to create the spreadsheet. The more information, the better. I would like to use the first spreadsheet listed, the Personal Budgeting Spreadsheet, but the pages are protected and it will not allow me to make changes to the months.

10 Free Household Budget Spreadsheets for

Has anyone else had this problem and could you please tell me how to make changes? I have downloaded your wonderful Excel spreadsheet personal budgeting spreadsheet. It is exactly what we are looking for to get our finances organized, however I am having the hardest time because we have more yearly variable expenses that the spreadsheet allows. When I insert rows and add in the additional information it does not transfer to the other monthly sheets.

You should try this out before going to spreadsheets. I cannot seem to get the personal budget template to download. Is there something I need to do differently other than just clicking? Thanks so much!! Shannon, when you click the link it should pop up a window to download it — if not, shoot me an email and we can figure it out… christianpf. The first I want to be just a running ledger like an online bank ledger… I. On another part, I would like to take individual companies and keep a running tab..

Thank you so much for these spreadsheets. I can finally keep track of all my finances. I needs to spend some time finding out much more or understanding more. Thank you for wonderful information I was in search of this information for my mission. It has very useful information! I think we can use an expense management software on web or mobile either. Therefore it is available everywhere and whenever I need to record any expense.

I try Costsbook it is so simple and helps me and my family a lot in better planning. Loved sharing your helpful budget forms! I shared them on my website along with daily resourceful tips! Come on over and see! Hi, As I was checking out your site I some how got linked to ingdirect. I some how thought it was part of your site.

15+ Sample Budget Templates for Mac

Hi Bob, Thanks for providing such an excellent resource for general use. Getting these three coordinated I find to be mind boggling. Do you have any programs which might be helpful or can you provide any solutions? Thanks again for all your efforts. I just set it up for my website over at The Christian Dollar. You can track your personal and business finances all in one place!

These free budget templates can help you spend less and save more.

Let me know how it works out for you! Am I doing something wrong? Please let me know how to fix this. It fits me and my needs wonderfully. I do need to change some of the budget categories and the sub-lists that go with them. How do I change those categories and sub-lists? Thanks for this. Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.

Is it hard to set up your own blog? Do you have any points or suggestions? With thanks. I have been using the Dave Ramsey budgeting techniques for years and can attest to the value of a good budget. What I have yet to find is a good budget spreadsheet. My issue seems to be that my income is not as fixed as most budgets want it to be.

I get paid bi-weekly and my wife is paid monthly. I get expense checks paid to me at random times. I have expenses for work as well as the costs of supplementing other households in the family. My budget has grown complicated to say the least. Anyway, what I want is a spreadsheet that will help me allocate and track according to weekly schedules.

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Any ideas? When did you try YNAB? I have been using YNAB since late and I think there is nothing that addresses your perceived needs better. Muchas Gracias!

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  8. My husband and i are just starting out with a structured budget and I am pleased to find such a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool. Your email address will not be published.