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To speed up your shutdown, turn off this feature. Shut down as normal, but when the confirmation dialog box appears, make sure the option labeled Reopen windows when logging back in is not checked. Printers are notorious for causing computer problems. The most annoying of all is the stalled print job. This proceeds to cause other computer tasks to grind to a halt.

This can easily be the cause of the problem. Select your printer on the left, then click the Open Print Queue button. Delete any jobs that are left over and see if shutdown speed improves. If some refuse to close, you can force-quit them instead. Click Force Quit to close it. By default, the system gives apps 20 seconds to close, after which it will attempt to force-quit them.

Yosemite on older Mac mini - Apple Community

You can reduce this from 20 seconds to five seconds by copying and pasting the following commands into the Terminal app:. Obviously, this is a more advanced solution to try. This is a simple tip, but one worth pursuing. They need free space to store temporary data. A lack of free space can cause shutdown problems, particularly if you have open apps trying to save their state during the process. Here are several ways to free up space on Mac and reclaim your drive space!

Read More and see if that helps. Poor hard drive performance can cause a slow shutdown. Thankfully, this easy to check and fix in macOS. Just open the built-in Disk Utility app, select your drive in the left column, and click First Aid. Next, click through the next two confirmation screens.

OSX Yosemite VS. El Capitan - Macbook MacOS Speed Test - 10.10 vs 10.11

Disk repair advice for Macs once commonly recommended repairing permissions. However, while this was an option in older versions of Disk Utility, you no longer need to repair permissions on macOS. Your Mac caches a lot of data that it needs to access quickly and regularly.

How to Fix Your Slow Mac Post-El Capitan

This helps to improve overall performance. Not enough memory installed. Yosmiite uses roughly 2GBs of Ram.

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Consequently slow to startup, slow launching Apps on computer. Ghese changes should give you back some zippiness. That was done already. Lucky, I guess. Have no issues with Finder, even with an older machine. I do run Onyx the release for Certainly helps browsers with many open tabs. Screen redraw will sometime not bring icons up to date. Booting is fast. Exceeding long time to restart or shutdown. Running the pre release Office package and love the changes in Word. Excel is so much better than But the real creeping problem starts in Excel, working on a four-page book, with page three having 5 sheets, pretty saturated with a lot of calculations, formatting, etc.

Can take five minutes or so to select 12 columns by rows to make print area changes.

4 things to check if your Mac runs slow

There is another way, but when you fall into a habit… After selection is made, the page crashes, the usual reporting to MS, but the page was autosaved. Only slowdown I have experienced. A better word to use, in my humble opinion, would be purge instead of remove. I see the whirling color wheel a little too often but eventually everything works.

How to Fix it When Safari Runs Slow on Mac?

I am wondering if Yosemite would help or hinder my mini. Posted on Oct 18, PM. Page content loaded. Oct 18, PM. True the Mini runs slow but think of it this way The slowness is reasonable , considering that it is a five year old computer. The Main Problem is the low memory of 2 GB. ALSO , if you upgrade to Yosemite, wait another 2 days Mine took almost two hours to complete. Oct 21, AM in response to tbirdvet In response to tbirdvet. When you say it will not run very well can you elaborate a bit?

Programs wouldn't work? Would Yosemite updates be worth the trade-offs? A new Mini is in the future for me but maybe not until the first of the year.

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  • In the meantime I have an online course to complete in the next month that is very important. I don't want to jeopardize getting it done with computer glitches.