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Credit: Gray-gold The results are in, and with this crazy week with the new March votes, the removed October votes, and a new Views leader, The Living Tombstone still comes out unscathed in the end. Your days are numbered, Stop the Bats remix In any case, the song leads by pts. Rounding out the top 5 are Laughter, still holding on to its 4 peak, and Moonlight, slowly approaching its debut peak. Also of note is the March votes 1, Quest This Can't Be All , which debuted at 25 last week, has risen all the way to 7.

Despite this, there are an abundance of top 20 debuts this week, primarily from songs that debuted this week, not those that got voted highly The exceptions being Foozogz' Make a Wish remix, which had the advantage of exposure from the 3 song which happened for all of Foozogz' songs this week, and Join the Herd, which gains the views of the original version of the cover along with the remaster. All told, there are 11 debuts and 1 re-entry Morning Mist, 3 of March votes, comes back at Combine this with the fact that the October songs lost their base votes, and there are quite a few of those songs that fell off this week, including Daring Do, Nightmare Night, and most notably Taking Flight, which was at 11 last week, but was supported by both the original and remix's votes, both of which were removed this week.

Check out the full list soon along with the Specialty Chart pages! Credit: Vexx3 This week, the Hot 50 gets shaken up by more votes, Eurobeat Brony enters the chart along with 7 other songs, and we can announce the results of the cleansing! First up, let's break down the top 5. The Living Tombstone's remix of Stop the Bats demonstrates its sheer staying power on the chart, with points this week to remain at 1. He's inside my mind although I guess as long as he's in my head I guess you still can't trust me. She shook her head. We must think of a way to stop him. We both thought and wondered how to deal with Discord so that he wouldn't be a problem until I came up with an idea.

I snapped my fingers and the Discord statue was put back together good as new. I put my lion's paw up to the statue's head and prepared for the transfer. Eye change. Executing phase shift. I focused all my willpower into the statue and I felt a dark energy course through my palm and go into the statue.

The whole process was draining and I felt tired as I fell to the ground. Is Discord in the statue like you planned? I got up on my feet. I gave him the added bonus of being able to move around a bit but no further than five feet in any direction. Celestia gave a contempt smile. I snapped my fingers and I was turned back into a human.

Celestia was clearly surprised.

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I looked down and saw that I was unfortunately naked, I immediately covered myself. I'm still working out the kinks with my new powers, hold on. I snapped again and conjured up some clothes: Black shoes with white socks, black jeans, and a black hoodie with a red undershirt I really like black okay? It's a cool color. So, you knew I was human but you sounded shocked, why? Plus, if I'm going to be staying around here in Equestria it'd probably be best not to look like the guy who plunged the land into eternal chaos.

It's a lovely little town and my student is there, she can watch over you as well as teach you things about this new world. I liked that idea. All the best ponies were in Ponyville and it'd be fun living there. What's happening? A guard informed me that Discord had broken out so I came to help and…who is this? Luna came bursting out of the castle in a shock over what was happening not knowing it had been resolved. I did all the work putting Discord back into the statue the least you could do is make it sound like we did equal jobs.

Luna just stood there with a blank look on her face. She giggled. So young Will you'll be staying in Ponyville under my sisters students supervision? I took a small bow. Celestia rolled her eyes. I'll send a letter to my student telling her of your arrival; afterwards I'll get my guards to escort you to town in a chariot. I didn't want to be escorted so I came up with another option. I snapped my fingers and suddenly two giant black feathered wings sprouted from my back, each one about seven feet across.

If it's okay with you princess I'll just fly into town. I hope you will come visit us again soon. The stories begun, I have incredible super powers, and I can only hope this is going to be awesome. Please review, favorite and tell me what you like about the story so far. I will warn you however there will be a lot of references to TV, anime, movies, super heroes, and video games so if you see something you don't know about I would highly suggest looking it up.

Farewell, friends. Updates on my birthday, yay! Today I turn 15 and I couldn't be more excited so I stayed up all night to finish this chapter for you guys, enjoy! As I was flying through the valley I saw the small town of Ponyville, I could see it from the castle so it wasn't hard to find.

I decided to fly overhead, high in the sky so that no pony would notice me and freak out that there was a weird creature in town, Princess Celestia said she would send Twilight a letter explaining what I was and how she could help me but until then I waited above the city. Maybe I can introduce myself to the entire town; I know Pinkie Pie would defiantly throw me a party so that's one way. I heard this cry for help, which was barely audible but it sounded close, I looked down below the building I was sitting upon and saw Fluttershy about to be mugged by some stallion with a knife.

Fluttershy was backed against a wall looking even more nervous than usual. And I know just the form to do it. I snapped my fingers, and my jacket and wings were replaced by a cape and a bat suit. I have the suit, the cape, the mask. This is awesome! Oh right, the crime. I jumped down the 20 foot building and landed at the end of the alleyway. To alert the criminal I put on my best Kevin Conroy voice impression. I quickly pulled out a baterang from my belt pocket and winged it at the stallion, it hit him in the mouth, disorienting him and making him drop the knife.

Once he was stunned I ran forward and started doing a forward roll, then I pushed my arms off the ground and kicked him in the jaw with my legs knocking him out cold. With the thug incapacitated I approached Fluttershy who was quivering in the corner, I kneeled down to talk to her on eye level. I don't know…what would have happened if you hadn't come along…thank you. Get the police force to come and take him away. I smiled and said "I'm Batman. Once I was on top of the building I snapped my fingers and turned back into my old form.

I continued to fly in the sky and went back to what I was thinking about. Or maybe…". Once again I was interrupted but this time I was pushed my some sort of blur moving past me way too fast. Before I even had time to question it three more bodies hit me and yelled "Out of the way dweeb! I know only one pony who would say something like that, or should I say griffon? I decided to follow them and see what was going on. I trailed behind them until I came across Rainbow Dash who was cornered by Gilda and three other griffons.

Iron man? No too many explosions. Oh I know. I snapped my fingers and transformed into the sayian Goku. Suddenly Gilda was rushing towards Rainbow Dash and prepared to claw her, using my newfound super speed I moved right in front of Gilda and grabbed her claw stopping the attack. Gilda went after Dash while the three griffons were looking menacingly at me.

They got angry and rushed towards me. Each one of them tried to claw me but I was so fast I could dodge all of their attacks at the same time. Soon they all stepped back. They prepared to ram into me but I moved instantaneously and they smacked into each other. They all rushed me again continuing to attack while I dodged and got fed up. I created a wave of energy around me and used it to push them off with such a force that they were sent crashing to the ground. Using my powers of flight I flew faster than I did before and found her chasing after Dash.

I was feeling generous so I just appeared in front of her and stopped her in her tracks. She was about to slice me but I once again grabbed her claws stopping her attack. I didn't feel like playing this game again so I just raised my hand and created a weak cone of energy, which encompassed her and sent her falling to the ground. She hit the ground hard and I drifted back down towards her barely conscious body. Finally she passed out and I was left standing above her.

I was going to go look for Rainbow Dash but I saw her fly down towards me. She smiled. She wanted to get back at me even though she's a complete jerk, if it wasn't for you I'd probably be in a lot of pain. I could probably head down to Sweet Apple Acers. I flew over to the farm, since the skies are clear and I can be easily seen I flew down to the ground and started moving through the trees.

I was just going to take one apple until I heard a bell ringing. The timber wolves are coming!

Well, maybe they'll be able to handle them. I observed from the trees to see Applejack trying to take care of the wolves but they were too strong and started eating the apple trees. Let's see something with a bit more finesse this time. I snapped my fingers and took on another form: Ripped jeans, red jacket, crazy anime t-shirt, glasses, pompadour, and a beam katana. I jumped out of the tree and started running for the farm. I saw a timber wolf on top of Big Machintosh looking like it was about to bite his face off, so I drew my green katana the Tsubaki Mk-III and powered it up.

I got the wolfs attention as it looked at me, then with one clean slice from my beam katana I sliced it in half. I grabbed Big Machintosh and brought him up. I'll take care of the timber wolves. Those dang timber wolves are gonna eat all of our crops. They were interrupted by a timber wolf jumping to attack them. I ran forwards and jumped over its head coming down and stabbing it through the head. The first one started charging at me so I ran towards it and then before it bit me I slid underneath it slicing its stomach along the way.

I jumped up and saw another one heading towards me, so I threw my blade up into the air and before the beast tackled me to the ground I grabbed it by the head and suplexed the wolf flinging it over my head and landing it on its back, then my blade came down and stabbed it in the heart causing it to fall to pieces. As I picked up my blade I heard the other wolf charging behind me, so I flipped my blade around and stabbed it in the top of the skull before it could reach me.

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I withdrew my blade and started walking away triumphantly with my hands in my pockets until I heard a rumbling noise coming from the ground. All the parts from the disassembled timber wolves started to levitate and come together behind me to form some short of gigantic super wolf. When the wolf finished forming it was five times larger than the other wolves and released a mighty roar.

I reached for the other sabers on my belt the dual pair red beam katana's Rose Nasty. I wasn't sure how I was gonna beat this thing so I gave it and ultimatum. So why don't you get that stick out of your ass, which is also made of sticks, and leave because if you don't I'm going to slice you into so small parts you won't regenerate and then I'll use those parts to build an outhouse. So what's it gonna be? Live a coward, or die a shit box? The beast roared once more signaling that it wouldn't retreat. At first I wasn't sure if I could take it down but then I noticed these little buttons on the bottom of the blades that said 'overkill'.

I didn't even know these were there. Let's see what they do. I flipped the switch and noticed the blades spark with red energy; I checked the battery and saw the energy output had doubled increasing its power tremendously. I started to savagely slash at the air in every direction as the beast ran towards me, and every time I finished a slash it created a wave of energy which would go forward and slice at the wolf damaging it. I slashed as quickly as I could creating dozens of waves which slashed at his face, eyes, legs and chest.

Eventually, he slowed down and fell hard to the ground skidding to a stop right in front of me. I finished him off then and there. With that I impaled my blade in his body and with the energy in the blade caused the body to explode sending sticks and pieces of wood in every direction and covering me in green blood.

Applejack, her sister Bloom, and Big Mac came out of hiding. Needless to say Applejack was shocked. She came closer and gazed at me. Your crops should be safe now. I smiled; Applejack was one of my favorites defiantly in my top four favorite ponies. She walked off and quickly came back with a sack filled with around a dozen apples which I happily took from her. I got on it and revved it up to drive away. With that I drove off into the forest and then once I was out of their sight I snapped my fingers and turned back into my normal form and then teleported into town.

Suddenly I realized where I had teleported myself which was the last place I wanted to be, it was right in front of Sugar Cube corner. Before I could even think 'oh no' the hyper active pink mare came out. I haven't seen you around here before 'gasp' does that mean you're new in town. Without a second word I flew up into the sky to try and get away from Pinkie. I knew that she would throw me a party on a massive scale and many people would be alerted to the power that I had, and let's face it if they found out Discord was back in town they would freak out and may even try and kick me out of town which I didn't want.

At first I thought I was out flying Pinkie, but I should have known better. As I was flying through the air she was bouncing from roof top to roof top trying to talk to me. Wait, why am I flying when I can teleport?

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I snapped my fingers and ended up four blocks behind Pinkie so she couldn't see me. If there's anything that makes me sad it's a sad Pinkie Pie so I left her a parting gift. I snapped my fingers and summoned one of Discord's favorite tricks, the chocolate rain cloud. It appeared right in front of Pinkie which she questioned at first then she poked it and saw it was cotton candy and started nibbling it.

Then she saw a note on it, it read: "A gift from me to you. Shake for a surprise.

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While she was distracted by that I managed to fly off and reach Twilight's house. I just hope she's here. I knocked on the door but no one answered, I wondered where she was until I noticed a rolled up note at her door. I picked it up and saw that it had the princess's royal seal. Where is that mare anyway? I need to find her so I can be introduced without people freaking out.

I decided to go find Twilight myself and put the letter in my pocket to give to her. I was about to begin flying again but my wings felt kind of sore. How else can I move around here stealthy as a shadow? I snapped my fingers and literally turned into a shadow and was able to move across the ground without anyone noticing me.

I went all across Ponyville but didn't see Twilight anywhere, so I decided to search the Everfree forest instead. At first I thought it was a foolish idea but then I saw Twilight walking down the path from Zecora's hut and she was talking to herself with a potion in her aura.

I watched her from a shadow in the trees. She was interrupted as she tripped over a tree branch and her potion dropped to the ground broke and seeped into the ground. It didn't seem like a big loss but when Twilight got up and started walking towards town something popped out of the ground. It looked like some kind of decayed hoof and with it came a body…the body of a zombie pony.

I cannot catch a break today, I am so tired of saving people I don't even care what I change into. I snapped my fingers and was pleasantly surprised with what I got: Red jacket, no shirt, white hair, sword on my back, and a pair of magnums attached to my legs. With my new form I jumped from tree to tree trying to catch Twilight and that zombie pony that was chasing her. I was so fast that I got ahead of them on the path, so I jumped out of the tree, right in front of Twilight and the zombie that was chasing her. She immediately fell to the ground and I pulled out my magnum, aimed it straight at the zombies head, and shot it right in between the eyes killing it.

Not to be confused with skeletons, they're undead to but they're just a pile of bones no flesh and no…blood. I looked at the corpse I had just killed and saw it began to bleed orange blood. Twilight's scream warned me and I grabbed the zombie pony before it could bite me. I did a forward flip kicking the zombie in the face and sending him stumbling back, and then I landed on my feet and drew my gun. Clearly it was so powerful it can bring ponies back from the dead. Suddenly as if on cue a skeletal manticore rose out of the ground to attack.

I was surprised. It ran up and tried to attack me stabbing me with its tail. I ducked and dodged to the side to avoid. I grabbed my sword from my back and did a strong underhanded swing sending the manticore skeleton into the air. I then jumped up next to it and started hacking and slashing it to pieces until not a single bone was connected to another.

As we both fell to the ground I saw the orange substance start to seep out of the bones. She scrambled for a bit until she summoned a vial with her magic, when I landed on the ground I grabbed the vial and scooped up all the liquid, sealing it inside. No liquid, no undead.

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With the situation taken care of, Twilight now had a questioning look on her face. Who are you? What are you? What were those things you had that killed those zombies? And where did you come from? I am a messenger and I have a letter from you. I pulled the letter out of my pocket and handed it to her; she grabbed it with her magic and started reading it. It's you isn't it?

I snapped my fingers and was enveloped in a black cloud of smoke which teleported me back to the library. Time to find out. I snapped my fingers and turned myself into a squirrel, then using my new tree climbing powers I climbed up onto one of the higher tree branches and curled up into a little ball of fur and fell asleep. I don't know how long I was napping but I was awoken by the sound of the door slamming several times.

I switched back to my normal form and jumped down to the front door. I was about to walk in until I heard them conversing to themselves. I think my day beats yours in weirdness. First of all, the princess asks us to meet this weird creature from another world that walks on two legs, and not a day later I'm attacked in the forest by zombies and saved by a creature that also walks on two legs. He also had these weird things that killed the zombies; they looked like they were made of metal.

Rainbow Dash was shocked. I was saved by a creature on two legs to, only he had weird spiky hair and an orange suit, also he could fly and he shot lasers.

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He took down Gilda when she tried to attack me. Only he was big and black and really scary, but he saved me from this stallion with a knife so I guess its okay. She saw me and being the first human she ever saw she was surprised. Not even the eldest Alicorn can remember one. So are you going to invite me in or are we just going to stand in the door way talking all day? I walked into the library and it looked exactly like the show except for the fact that it was smaller than on the show but that is probably because I'm taller than all the ponies.

I walked into the center of the room; the moment I did Pinkie instantly recognized me. I interrupted Twilight. They looked confused so I decided to demonstrate by switching into all the forms they met me in. I nodded. Thank you for the sack of apples by the way. Oh and I have that rain cloud you gave me, thank you thank you thank you. I smiled. This form is called Dante. She stood there confused out of her minds. Do all humans have that kind of magical energy because the only person I've seen with that much power is…no. I snapped my fingers and transformed into the source of my power, the draconequus Discord.

They began charging up their rainbow beam of death and I had nowhere to run. As soon as they fired I summoned a giant pyramid made of glass, the one which refracts light. I held in in my arms and used it to absorb the rainbow beam which surprisingly worked. When it was done they all looked shocked again. I went to the nearest window and opened it up. Then I pointed the top of the pyramid out and shot a condensed beam of light into the sky, I didn't hear any screams of terror or pain so I assumed I didn't hit anyone. That's racism and frankly I'm offended.

I approached them slowly. The only difference is that I have Discords powers. Twilight considered this. I needed a way to convince her. What do you say? She thought about it for a moment. I was so excited I brought them all in for a group hug.


Holy cow this is long! But I make up for it with lots of references and awesome action scenes. Next time, Will gets integrated into Ponyville and gets a house to live in. What exciting events will happen? What friends will be made and what problems shall arise? Find out next time. After introducing myself to the girls I got to know them a little better, they told me things about their lives here in Ponyville Most of it was stuff I already knew and we chatted about recent events.

It looked as though Discord had only recently broken out so I was somewhere near the beginning of season 2. After talking for a good two hours everyone cleared out of the library except Twilight because she was living there. There aren't a lot of places for sale, plus you don't have a job and the economy isn't very good right now and…". I interrupted her. I'm the incarnation of Discord with the power to bend reality to my whim.

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All I need to do is find an open space in town and then I can create a house with my magic. I know of an empty spot in town, I can take you there if you want. Thankfully, she took me along a path where there weren't a lot of ponies to gawk at my appearance. There used to be a house here but it got turned upside down and crushed when…".

I'm not that person and I don't plan to be, if any problem comes to this town I'm going to stop it myself. Now on to the house. I concentrated and snapped my fingers and made myself a small cottage that looked like any other house on the block,. If you don't mind Pinkie I need to do some renovating. With that Pinkie bounced off to her place of work. I walked inside and saw a barren room filled with nothing but walls. I worked for hours using my magic to shape and expand the house making it bigger once you got inside but it's still small on the outside Trademark time lords.

I added several specialty rooms and quite a few I knew that every pony else would like. When I finished creating my house to the best of my abilities I went into my bedroom and laid down to sleep on my gigantic comfy bed. Are you excited, of course you're excited because this is so exciting! The mane six were walking to my new home for my house warming party and welcoming me to Ponyville.

They arrived at my house but as they walked through the door they were greeted by what looked like an old castle with blackened stone walls and tapestries hanging from the walls. Suddenly, I appeared out of nowhere in a black cape at the top of the staircase in front of them. Oh but I did keep one aspect of the castle, Rarity if you could step back for a moment. Rarity stepped back. Every pony in the room looked worried. There's a trampoline, a mattress, a kiddie pool, or a giant banana cream pie. I snapped my fingers and brought Rarity back up top; she was covered in pie fillings and looked angry.

She quickly finished and smacked her lips. I opened up one of the doors and showed them a room that led to the middle of space. Try to keep an open mind about these things. I opened the door to reveal a disco dance floor with a sound system in the back. They all looked really excited and rushed onto the floor, as I switched on the power the room was filled with colors and flashing lights but there was no music.

I snapped my fingers and summoned a white pony with a blue neon mane with red tips and a set of blue headphones around his ears. With that tomb got the beat started and we danced to our hearts content. After that we sat down and ate some food mostly cupcakes and then we started talking about whatever was on our minds.

I was running all over the place yesterday to save you guys, usually this much trouble only happens once or twice a week. Every pony thought about it for a second until Pinkie spoke up "Oh sliding that sounds fun. I banged my arm against the wall and then it slid open to reveal seven steel poles leading downwards. Everyone including myself ran towards the poles grabbed on and jumped down sliding to the bottom floor. The pole ended at the top of the ceiling of the room that we entered from. We ran outside and we found what was making the roaring noise, a red dragon and a big one at that.

We all ran up to the dragon that was smashing the town with his tail and claws. The dragon looked down at us. Now Fluttershy came out from behind me and started getting angry. Didn't we tell you not to hurt other ponies? I thought you said you would go find somewhere else to live. Now it was my turn to talk to it. So why don't you just go live somewhere else before you get hurt? He clearly didn't like my answer as he breathed fire on me. Every one below looked really worried until the flames finally cleared revealing me with nothing more than a charred suit Magical barriers for the win.

I growled and ripped of my tattered suit revealing my usual black sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers. The dragon prepared to attack the girls by swiping them with his tail but I flew down and used my magic to increase my physical strength to extreme levels so I could grab his tail and stop the attack.

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I mean look at me I'm awesome, now go it's about to get really messy pretty quickly. They realized the danger and so they all ran away. When they were far enough away I let go of the dragon's tail and got out of the way of it striking me. The dragon just laughed at me. Why don't you try fighting something your own size? I smiled at him confidently. I snapped my fingers and focused all of my strength and will to create the mobile suit It's huge and complex so it took all of my focus and power.

Then slowly a giant mech began to rise out of the dirt until finally it was fully formed and stood as tall as the dragon. When it was done I teleported inside the cockpit and formed a bio control suit around my body. He responded once again by breathing fire on my armor which absorbed the heat and cooled down within the minute.

Gundam fight all set, ready…GO! I used the boosters in my feet to dash towards him and punched him in the stomach taking the breath out of him, and then I clasped my hands together and knocked him on the top of the head sending him to the ground. I got up and saw him pick up trees and started throwing them at me, I dodged the first two but the third one hit my mech in the face causing me to lose vision for a few seconds. That was enough time for the dragon though as he rushed me and tried to bite of my head, to stop him I extended my knee hitting him in the stomach and making him kneel on the ground.

While he was down he grabbed a house and raised it over my head attempting to bash me with it, I knew there might still be ponies in that house so before he could hit me I grabbed his arm to stop his attack and took the house in my other hand and slowly put it back in its original spot. This hand of mine glows with an awesome power and its burning grip tells me to defeat you. I rushed him once again and using my glowing hand I grabbed his head sending a giant electrical shock through his brain, thankfully I used enough so that it wouldn't kill him and only rendered him unconscious.

On the ground I could hear all the ponies cheering for my success. With the dragon incapacitated I now needed to find a place for him to live so that he wouldn't terrorize the village anymore. I picked him up and then took him over to a nearby mountain range, and then I used my beam saber to carve a hole in the mountains big enough for the dragon to live in and placed him inside.

With a great mighty leap I jumped back to Ponyville and used my magic to condense the robot and place it in a storage cube about the size of a rubix cube if I ever needed it again. With that, I floated back down to the ground. With all my new friends around me. I was interrupted as I felt this pain in my lower body, I clenched it and it slowly went away. I slowly regained myself. I should probably be more careful in the future.

Goodbye every pony. Eventually, every pony went their separate ways except for me and Pinkie. Do you want to go back to my place? I have a room that's made entirely out of bouncy castle material. Pinkie bit her hoof. Pinkie hopped away leaving only me to head back home. As I walked back home I felt that pain in my stomach creep up on me again making my walk extremely uncomfortable. When I got home and finally walked through the door the pain became unbearable and I fell to the floor. Suddenly I changed into my draconequus form and I felt this magical energy surround me and cloud my vision, I then passed out.

When I awoke I stood up and saw this little filly in front of me staring at a wall. She turned around and I recognized the little purple filly with swirls in her eyes and a propeller cap on her head. She jumped up and hugged me she was really strong for such a tiny kid. He somehow made sipping through the red-striped straw look elegant. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View.

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